Applying for a Turkmenistan Tourist Visa

Visa to enter the Republic of Turkmenistan

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In general all foreign nationals are required to have a visa to enter the Republic of Turkmenistan. The tourist visa requires that you have a guide accompany you on entry and for the duration of your journey through Turkmenistan. It is best obtained on arrival at the border and the process is detailed for you below.

How to apply?

  1. Contact one of the nominated travel agencies to agree the proposed date of entry to Turkmenistan, the size of your group and the number of days that you intend to be in the country. This will allow them to quote you a price for the guide and any other services that you may require.
  2. For your reference, the guide will cost about $100 per day with their own transport and about $100 for their accommodation each night if required. This cost is per group and not per person.
  3. Once you have come to an agreement, the tourist agency will prepare and send you a copy of the Letter of Invitation (LOI). You should not try to enter Turkmenistan with this copy as the border guards will only process your visa application with the original LOI which will be brought by your guide to the agreed entry point.
  4. When you are about 24 - 48 hours away from arriving at the border, contact the travel agency to arrange meeting of their guide at the border point.
  5. The guide will then meet and assist you with the visa application, which will be issued on the spot and cost approximately $75 USD per person. You may be asked to pay the guide the agreed amount in cash on arrival, this is not unusual.
  6. When you enter Turkmenistan the guide will assist you as you travel through, and also assist with registration of your visa at the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Tourism. Please note that registration must be done within first 3 days from the date of arrival.

Please Note: Real Russia is not associated with, nor do we endorse any of the travel agencies listed. We provide these contacts for your information only and you should use all reasonable care when making your arrangements with them.

Travel Agency Contact Information

Ayan Travel:

Contact: Musa Babajanov

Address: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000, 81 Turkmenbashi ave. (TSTB building, 5th floor)

Mobile: +99365859697 or +99365027636

Office: +99312220503 or +99312221614

Note: Telephone code for Ashgabat within Turkmenistan is: 8 00 (12)+Number

Other Travel Agencies: