Roof Of The World Charity, Northern Route

Roof Of the World Northern Route Sunset

UK - France - Belgium - Germany - Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia - Russia - Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan.

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Which visas do I need?

The visas that you will need to participate in the rally will depend on the route you will take:

  • Single entry Russian tourist visa.
  • Single entry Kazakh tourist visa.
  • Single entry Kyrgyz tourist visa - not required for citizens of the UK, EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, among others. A full list of the countries whose citizens do not need a Kyrgyz visa can be found here.
  • Single entry Tajik tourist visa and, if required, a GBAO permit.

Important: Real Russia is only providing a visa service and is not responsible for any other documentation; such as those needed to cross borders with vehicles, required by your trip, etc.

How much will they cost and how long will they take?

The processing time refers to the number of working days that it will take for us to obtain your visa once we have submitted your application to the relevant consulate. We will lodge your first visa application the next consular working day after we have received the documents and verified that they are all in order. However, visa applications received by our office at the weekend, on bank holidays or after 4.30 pm on weekdays will not be processed by members of our visa team until the following working day, i.e. these visa applications will be submitted to the first consulate on the second working day following their receipt.

Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan (30 days) -
Single Entry visas with standard processing time



Processing Time

Russia DE

Kazakhstan DE



22 working days





22 working days





22 working days





22 working days





22 working days





22 working days



New Zealand

£ 262.40

22 working days



Please note: If you wish to visit the Gorno-Badakhstan region of Tajikistan, in addition to the visa you will also require a special GBAO permit which we can obtain for you for an additional £50. This will be stamped into your passport along with your visa.

For information on individual visas and expedited processing click here.​

Please note: Working days are Monday to Friday excluding any regular consulates' closures (the Kazakhstan consulate is closed every Wednesday and the Tajikistan consulate is open only on Monday and Thursday), exceptional Real Russia office closures, UK bank holidays and consulates' public holidays.

When calculating the total processing time for obtaining all of your visas you will need to take into consideration the closures referred to above. One extra day is added between each visa in order to allow us to collect your passport from one consulate and submit it to another. The stated processing times assume that the documents originally received are all complete and correct. Delays may occur in cases where we require additional/alternative/amended paperwork.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the processing times given do not account for the return of your passport. Therefore, you will need to allow a few extra days if your passport is to be returned by mail; delivery times can vary considerably depending on which country your passport needs to be returned to.

Please click on the following link for any other issues which may affect the processing of your visas.

What is included in the price?

The fees quoted above cover the consular visa fees along with the discounted Real Russia service charge, and, unless otherwise stated in the ‘Visa Support Documents’ section below, all fees related to Visa Support Documentation.

Once all your visas have been issued you can either collect your passport from our London office or we can post it to you. The price and the mode of delivery depend on which country you want us to return your passport to and also how quickly you need it returning. For deliveries to UK addresses, we use Royal Mail Special Delivery. As this is an optional service this will cost an additional £8.25. For deliveries outside the UK we use either Royal Mail International Delivery/Airsure or DHL; as this is a quicker and safer option. Please contact us for a quote.

Please note: If you are applying as a group and your passports are to be sent together to the same address, only one postage fee will apply.

How long are the visas valid for?

The Russian Tourist Visa is valid for the exact dates that you request on your visa application form; up to a maximum of 30 days. We recommend that you set the start date of the visa a few days before you intend to enter Russia and make the end date 30 days later. You may enter and leave at any time between these dates.

The Kazakh Tourist Visa is valid from the date requested on your visa application form for a period of 30 days, during which you may enter and stay for a maximum of 30 days as long as it is within the validity period of the visa. Again, we recommend that you set the start date of the visa for a few days before you intend to enter Kazakhstan and make the end date 30 days later.

The Kyrgyz Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days starting from your proposed entry date.

The Tajik Tourist Visa is valid for the exact dates requested on the application form, for a maximum period of up to 14 or 30 days.

When is the best time to apply?

Since Russian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Tajik visas are all date specific, they can be applied for as far in advance of your trip as you wish, so please send us your documents as soon as you are able.

Assuming a departure date of 5th July 2014, in order for you to receive all the visas needed in the time available, at the best possible price, the latest we can receive your applications for your Russian, Kazakh and Tajikistan visas (including your Tajik GBAO permit, if required) is the 30th May 2014.

Due to this being the peak period for processing visas, applications received after 30th May 2014 may incur a higher cost; additionally we cannot guarantee that all visas will be ready in time for the departure date.

In case you need a Kyrgyzstan visa as well, please send your applications to us by 23rd May 2014.

Do you need my passport the whole time?

In order for us to obtain all the visas on your behalf, your passport will be required for the entire processing period as the consulate will affix each visa in it.

What if I need my passport to travel while you are processing my visas?

If, at any point during the visa application process, you need your passport back for any reason, please let us know as soon as you can and we will work with you to ensure that we can still obtain all your visas on time.

What paperwork is required for these visas?

An original, signed, passport that will be valid for a minimum of six months after the date of expiry of the last visa. The passport must be undamaged and ideally have two blank pages per visa required. If you do not have the necessary spaces available, contact us and we will advise you on the best course of action.

In addition to the passport, for each visa you will also need to provide a visa application form and one recent colour passport photos taken against a plain, white background and the following documents:

Kazakhstan Tourist Visa:

  • An original signed cover letter from yourself explaining the purpose of your visit. Please click here to get a template.
  • A copy of your car registration certificate. If you do not have one at the time of your visa application, or do not have a vehicle at all, please confirm this on the cover letter.
  • A copy of your driving license if you are a driver. If you are a passenger, please provide a copy of the driver’s driving license.
  • Travel insurance valid for your entire trip to Kazakhstan. If you wish to obtain a maximum visa validity (i.e. that of 30 days for single entry visa and 60 days for double entry visa) we would recommend that you provide insurance valid for the whole term, whilst indicating the same validity period (date-wise) on your online visa application form.
  • A hotel booking confirmation; if you have one.
  • A photocopy of your last Kazakh visa; if you have one. If the visa was issued in a different passport, then please provide a photocopy of the photo page from that passport as well.
  • If you require a double entry visa you will also need to provide a copy of a visa to the country that you will visit in between your two trips to Kazakhstan and thus obtain this visa first. If Real Russia is managing your application, we will proceed accordingly.

Russian Tourist Visa:

  • If you are self-employed, the owner of a business or unemployed you have to provide copies of your bank statement, which can be no more than two weeks old and covers the last 90 days. Click here for more information.
  • Almost all non-UK nationals (except Canada, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak Republic, Sweden, USA among others) have to prove that they have been a resident in the UK for at least the last 90 days. Click here for more details.
  • Some non-UK nationals have to provide the insurance policy covering their trip to Russia. Please click here for more information.

If you want to see a detailed list of documents you will need to provide, please either contact us for further information or click here, scroll down to the section "What documents do I need to provide with my application pack?", and select your nationality.

Tajikistan Tourist Visa:

  • A cover letter from yourself explaining the purpose of your visit. Please click here, to get a template.
  • For those travelling to the GBAO or Pamir regions, please confirm this on the cover letter and also indicate that on the application form; question 21.
  • When completing the visa application form please indicate the following in:
  • Question 21 (Purpose of visit): "Auto-tourism, travelling by car as a part of the Mongolian Charity Rally".
  • Question 22 (Place of stay) should read: ”Accommodation to be arranged later/will be camping on the go/hotel details if already booked” (choose whichever is appropriate). If you have booked your hotel, please send us your booking confirmation.

Kyrgyzstan Tourist Visa (for those who require one):

  • No further documentation.

Visa support documents and official invitations

In addition, Russia, Kyrgyzstan (for all those who need visa) and Kazakhstan (for some nationalities only) require official visa support documentation, which we will take care of.

The relevant fees for these, except Kazakh and Kyrgyz invitations, are already included in the prices quoted above. This is because most nationalities do not require an invitation in order to obtain visas to these nations. We will contact you with the relevant information if you need one, and advise you of any additional costs or documents required. The invitation can be ordered while we are processing your other visas so, if you do require one, it should not prolong the processing time.

Ready to order - what do I do next?

Please click on the links below to complete Real Russia’s online visa application forms.

At the end of each form, kindly confirm the following in the “Additional information box”:

  • Roof of the World Charity Rally tour code ROTW-RR-2014.
  • All other visas that you will apply for as a part of your Charity trip.
  • Team name.
  • Fellow team members’ names.

You will be able to download your completed application form in the "Next Steps" email which will be sent to you automatically once you submit the form online.

Once each application has been completed, you will be prompted to pay. Since Real Russia will apply discounted service charges, please ignore this request and do not pay online. Simply download and fill in the credit card authorisation form (link this to the relevant form) instead. Confirm your special Go Help code to prove your eligibility for our reduced visa services rates in the “Payment for the Services” section.

For other visas, click on the links below to take you to the online application forms on the consulates’ websites, which you will need to fill in, print out and sign:

  • Kyrgyzstan

    Click on the link below to download, print, complete by hand and sign a hard copy of the visa application form:

  • Tajikistan

    Please note that the validity of some visas depend on when the visa application pack is submitted to the consulate. To ensure, where possible, that the team members will be granted the same visa validity dates, we would advise all the members of a team to apply for their visas at the same time, i.e. send us your paperwork together.

    Lastly, please send all necessary documents for each visa to our London office address:

    Real Russia Ltd
    Unit 5, The Ivories
    6 Northampton Street
    N1 2HY, London
    United Kingdom

    We will contact you as soon as we have received all of your documentation to confirm payment and let you know that your visa application is under way.

    If the payment is more than £500 per person we will require a scanned copy of both the front and the back of the credit/debit card that you will use to make payment with to be emailed to us; please have this ready for when we contact you.

Can you tell me more?

We hope that these pages are useful to you, however, if you need further information or assistance please feel free to read our FAQ page, use our forum, email us at or call us on +44 (0) 207 100 7370 extension 350. Our dedicated “Rally Team” will be happy to help in any way that they can.