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Irkutsk excursions

City Tour-By car

"Visit the beautiful sites of Irkutsk on this fully guided city tour by car"

Irkutsk is surrounded by wonderful landscapes of gorgeous hills and nature and you can immerse yourself in its history with ancient Monasteries, Cathedrals, famous burials and authentic streets and embankments. Read more...


2 hours
£ 26.00

City Tour (on foot)

"Visit the beautiful sites of Irkutsk on this fully guided city tour"

Stroll around this beautiful city to see all the incredible sights such as the Cathedrals, Squares, main streets and the serene Angara River Embankment to get a real feel of Russian culture in Irkutsk. Read more...


2 hours
£ 16.00

Circum-Baikal Railway

"Venture round Lake Baikal on the Local Railway"

This is a chance to see this amazingly impressive railway as you make your way through the stations stemmed in history and culture, enjoying Russian delicacies and intricacies along the way. Read more...


8 hours
£ 178.00

Tour around Listvyanka (Starts in Irkutsk)

"Explore the adventurous woodland town of Listvyanka"

This town has its own adventures to offer with aquariums, wonderful 19th Century Churches and spiritual trips to the sacred parts of the town as well as an insight into the Listvyanka Russian life. Read more...


7 hours
£ 119.00

Meet the Shaman

"Discover the culture and heritage of the Shaman"

This is a unique tour to give you just a glimpse of the incredible Buryat nation with the spiritual rituals and museums as you get the chance to involve yourself in this piece of Russian culture. Read more...


4 hours
£ 114.00

One Day Hike (around Listvyanka)

"A refreshing hike through the breath-taking Listvyanka landscape"

This trek is a perfect way to see the beautiful nature of Listvyanka as you stroll through the forests and around the lakes to immerse yourself in Russian nature. Read more...


6 hours
£ 34.00

Hovercraft tour on frozen lake Baikal

"Immerse yourself in the Siberian wilderness riding on the penetrating ice of lake Baikal"

Explore frozen lake Baikal in all its beauty riding on the hovercraft on the perfectly smooth ice Read more...


2 hours
£ 54.00

Dog-sledding tour on lake Baikal

"Escape the crowds and enjoy unique sights of lake Baikal and surroundings"

Embark on a truly thrilling winter experience and meet husky dogs who will pull you through the splendid Siberian scenery. Read more...


1 hours

Peschanaya Bay - a pearl of Siberia

"Discover the real wonder of lake Baikal called Siberian Riviera during this 8-hour winter tour"

During this tour you will see the most scenic and wonderful natural sight of lake Baikal Read more...


8 hours

3-day winter tour to Olkhon Island

"Explore Olkhon Island, the largest and most beautiful island in lake Baikal"

Situated in the heart of lake Baikal, Olkhon Island is the biggest island on the lake that is impossible to explore in one day. Take this opportunity to visit this jewel if Siberia and enjoy the perfect views from water and from land during this 3-day winter tour. Read more...


54 hours
£ 437.00
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