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Krasnoyarsk excursions

Round-up city tour

"Fall in love with the most beautiful city in Siberia- Anton Chekhov"

Venture into the soul of the city, Mira Square, the oldest street in Siberia’s oldest city. Discover Krasnoyarsk’s historical and cultural treasures while on Lenin Square and Theatre Square, and then visit Karaulnaya hill to explore the Praskeva Pyatnitisa Chapel. Read more...


3 hours
£ 22.00

City tour and Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum

"Discover the historical treasures of Siberia's oldest city"

Travellers will explore Krasnoyarsk’s historical centre, starting on Mira Square and continuing on to Lenin Square and Theatre Square to uncover some of the city’s best landmarks, followed by a trip to the ethnographic regional museum where the tour ends. Read more...


4 hours
£ 53.00

City tour and Bobrovy Log (Fun park)

"A fun-filled day getting acquainted with the best of Krasnoyarsk"

Travellers will explore the centre of the city covering all the main sights along the way, following on with a visit to Bobrovy Log to test your ski skills on icy slopes and gaze in awe at the astounding and spellbinding views of the great Stolby Reserve. Read more...


5 hours
£ 57.00

City tour, Yenisei Quay and Ethnographic Museum

"Get to know Krasnoyarsk on a three hour tour of Siberia’s most charming city."

Explore the main sites of the city and walk along the breath-taking scenic embankment of the Yenisei River. Travellers will visit Mira Square, Observation place and Theatre square before continuing to the regional ethnographic museum. Read more...


4 hours
£ 53.00

Trip to the Stolby Nature Reserve

"Fall in love with the Mountainous metropolitan that is Krasnoyarsk"

With less time spent hiking, travellers have the opportunity to focus their attention on the spectacular views of the Stolby Reserve, as well as absorb the beauty of this mountainous metropolitan from the top of the spectacular rock formations. Read more...


5 hours
£ 83.00

17km Hike through the Stolby Reserve

"Experience an exhilarating 17km trek through the Stolby Nature Reserve"

Be inspired by the spectacular rising pillars of the Stolby Reserve, while testing your endurance on a 17km hike through one of nature’s natural wonders. Travellers will enjoy a delicious BBQ in a log hut with their guide and learn about life in Krasnoyarsk. Read more...


6 hours
£ 54.00

25km Hike through the Stolby Reserve

"Test your endurance on a 25km hike through the Stolby Reserve"

This two-day trek through the great stolby is ideal for the physically fit who are looking for a remarkable challenge. Travellers will stay overnight at a Siberian log, followed by a trek through the the “wild stolby”. Read more...


24 hours
£ 185.00