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Perm excursions

Kungur Ice Cave

"Marvel at the glorious treasures hidden inside the Kungur Cave"

Journey through the Siberian Trakt, passing Kungur’s historical centre. Explore the hidden hallow ice chambers and see the iridescent ice crystals covering its fortified walls, and then gaze in awe at the strange ice formations resembling strange shapes. Read more...


8 hours
£ 175.00

Belaya Gora Monastery

"Uncover the history of the 'White Mountain Monastery'"

Embark on a historical adventure at the ‘White Mountain Monastery’, where you will uncover the rich history of the region’s historical symbol. As you stand at the pinnacle of the White Mountain, you will submerge yourself in the dreamlike vista of the Ural Mountains. Read more...


8 hours
£ 130.00

Belaya Gora Monastery and Kungur Ice Cave

"Experience the spell-binding beauty of Belya Gora and the Kungur Cave"

Journey through the astounding Ural landscape, and embark on a historical adventure at the Belaya Gora Monastery. Take a trip through Kungur’s historical centre, and then explore the hidden ice chambers inside the Kungur Cave. Read more...


12 hours
£ 207.00

City Tour & Khokhlovka Museum

"Discover the sights and uncover the history of the Ural region"

Explore the historical centre of Russia’s Eurasia, and become acquainted with Perm’s cultural landmarks. Journey through the breath-taking Ural landscape, and then time travel through history on a tour of the Khoklovka Museum of Wooden Architecture. Read more...


7 hours
£ 132.00

Perm "36" Gulag Camp Museum

"Discover the haunting history of Russia's last remaining gulag camp"

Explore the last remaining gulag camp, where exiled prisoners were convicted and laboured. Behind the eroded barbed wire, you get to witness the haunting remainders of one of the darkest periods in soviet history, and conceive the conditions in which prisoners were forced to subsist. Read more...


9 hours