Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tomb

"Ming Tomb, Sacred Road"

Uncover the history of the Sacred Road

This tour is split into two parts, both as interesting and impressive as the other as you see the strength and glory of China and its people.

The Badaling section of the Great Wall is one of the most famous and popular and the Great Wall itself is possibly the most renowned feature of China as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Its impressive length of over 6,400km was once thought to be built entirely during the Qin Dynasty between 221 and 238 BC but is now thought to be even earlier. You’ll be able to admire the incredible architecture and stunning views from this amazing piece of history as you stroll along the famous paths.

The second half of the tour takes you to visit the Ming tombs which are an impressive collection of imperial mausoleums built by the Ming dynasty. You’ll get to visit these tombs and see the burial place of some of the most powerful and glorious Emperors as well as see the incredibly detailed small animals that guard the road to the tombs.

Excursion details

Location: China, Beijing

Category: Culture and History

Duration: 8 hours


Guides available: Other languages are available though there maybe a price variation.
Price per person 1 2 to 3 4 to 5 6 to 9
GBP £298.00 £183.00 £183.00 £106.00
EUR €334.00 €204.00 €204.00 €118.00
USD $394.00 $241.00 $241.00 $139.00

Price notes: Includes a local guide and any entrance or other fees. Meals and transfers included only where stated. For groups of more than 10 people, price will be provided on application.

Duration of the excursion is approximate and may vary according to local conditions.