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World Travel Awards

Winner of Russia's Leading Travel Agency 2016

Real Russia are delighted to announce we have won the World Travel Awards 2016! We would like to thank everyone who voted for us and enabled us to win for a fourth consecutive time! Our unprecedented success is down to our dedicated employees who work tirelessly to ensure we continue to deliver outstanding service.

As the winners of the World Travel Awards 2016, we automatically be nominated for 2017 World Travel Awards.

What are the World Travel Awards?

World Trade Awards

Now in their 23nd year, the World Travel Awards were created to acknowledge excellence in the travel industry. As one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, they have been referred to by many as the Oscars of the travel and tourism industry. What sets these apart from the Oscars, though, is the fact that they are voted for by the public, and not just industry insiders. So a victory in the World Travel Awards is a clear indicator that a company is offering services and experiences that resonate with travellers.

Our chosen charity, Go Help

Go Help Charity

Go help is a UK based charity who work towards helping the local communities in Central Asia to gain access to education and healthcare services. Go Help have been involved with projects that have benefited the local communities of Central Asia enormously. They have helped with providing scholarships, provided opportunities for learning literacy, as well as distributing emergency vehicles. Every donation you make, goes a long way to help improve healthcare and education in Central Asia.

To find out more about Go Help, visit their website,, and to make a donation to their cause visit their donate page.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter, for updates and news.

More information

2016 was a fantastic year for Russian travel, with a weakened rouble it was as cheap as it had been for many years, while new and exciting experiences were being added all the time. It was also a fantastic year for Real Russia, as we were able to work with a fantastic community of partners and travellers to share the amazing experiences available across Russia, Europe, Asia and the whole of the Trans-Siberian railway. These successful relationships culminated in travellers to Russia, and industry experts, voting us ‘Russia’s Leading Travel Agency’ at the 2016 World Travel Awards.

Our aim at Real Russia has always been to share Russia, and the surrounding countries, with the entire world, while providing the best support for these adventures that we possibly can. There are so many incredible experiences to be had, from the beautiful architecture and canals of Saint Petersburg, to the unmatched natural beauty of Lake Baikal, that there really is something for everyone.