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With so many iconic locations and amazing sites to see within Russia and its neighbouring countries, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help ensure that not one moment is wasted, we’ve specially selected a range of incredible excursions with you in mind. Our excursions are designed to aid you in experiencing all that Russia and its neighbouring countries has to offer, turning your travels into a journey, your journey into an experience, and your experience into a treasured memory.

Whether you want an individual guided tour of the Mighty Moscow, to feel Russian at a folk show in Saint Petersburg, to experience life as an emperor in Beijing’s Forbidden City, or to step into the lives of the nomads in Ulan Bator, our local expert guides have what it takes to get you to the heart of all the action.

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St Basils cathedral


Be awe-struck and elated by the pride and heart of the Russian Empire. See life through the eyes of the locals, step back in time to see Moscow’s history come alive, walk on Red Square, see the treasures of the Kremlin, explore the "people’s palaces", visit the Tretyakov Gallery, discover Stalin’s secret bunker. Be inspired by the wonders Moscow offers.

European-Asian Border


Novosibirsk Operahouse


Wooden Museum


Ivolginsky Datsan


Russky Bridge


St Petersburg Canals

St Petersburg

Be inspired by the "Venice of the North", and see the soul of Russia in all its majesty. St Petersburg is thought to be the most European of all Russian cities, which led to the city being labelled a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore St Petersburg on a white night bike tour, or cruise along the River Neva, and experience life in Russia’s second capital.

Qolsharif Mosque




Ulan Bator offers a memorable, and unique, travel experience. Those who are interested in culture and history can enjoy exploring the city’s beginnings as a nomadic monastery, while those who dream of the romantic vastness of the Mongolian steppe can embark on a genuine Mongolian adventure once they leave the city.

Great Wall of China


Experience rich culture, history and traditions alongside modern life in Beijing. Whether you’re hiking along the Great Wall of China, gazing in awe at the Forbidden City, visiting traditional teahouses, or getting delightfully lost in the city’s hutongs, our selection of excursions won’t let you miss a thing in China’s incredible capital.






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