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Going Out Moscow Elsewhere Amount
Beer (500ml)    
Wine (per 0,7cl bottle)    
Soft drinks (per bottle)    
Short taxi journey    
Meal in a small cafe    
Meal in a restaraunt    
Fast food    
Tea and coffee (per cup)    
Metro ticket (single)   N/A
Gratuities 10% 10%  
Total Price in:  

Rail Adventure Moscow Elsewhere Amount
Chicken (per KG)    
Meat (per KG - Beef)    
Fruit (per KG - Apples and bannanas)    
vegetables (per KG - seasonal)    
Vodka (70cl bottle)    
Bottled water (1.5l bottle)    
Pre-packed sandwich    
Coffee (per cup)    
Meal on-board (breakfast)    
Meal on-board (lunch)    
Meal on-board (dinner)    
Wet wipes, soap and other hygiene products    
Toilet paper    
Total Price in: