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Belarusian Visas

Real Russia can obtain visas required by many foreign nationals wishing to visit the Republic of Belarus.

We offer two basic types of visa service:

  • The Tourist visa allowing for either a single or double visit for a maximum period of 30 days.
  • The Transit visa allowing for either a single or double journey via Belarus to a third country of up to 2 days.

Are there any external issues which may affect my visa processing?  

Please see the following link for any processing issues which may be affecting the Belarusian visa service.

How much will it cost?

We offer eight levels of service dependent upon which type and how quickly you need your visa with prices starting from £77.00 for UK nationals and from £47.00 to £153.00 for other nationals.

Please note that Belarus visa fees are calculated and based on the daily exchange rate. If the exchange rate is falls by a certain percentage on the day we apply for your visa, then the consulate may apply an additional surcharge of £5.00 to the visa fee to compensate. In these cases we will contact you to take payment for the additional surcharge.

What is included in the price?

Our prices include all costs necessary to get your visa including:

  • Fees for all necessary visa support documents and letters of invitation (if required)
  • Local taxes
  • Consular tariffs
  • Delivery, collection and management of your application at the consulate by our staff.

You also have the option of choosing:

  • Central London courier delivery the day your visa is ready
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery of your passport and Belarus visa back to you (UK only)
  • £2,500 of consequential loss postal insurance (UK mainland only).

You do not have to:

  • Book a flight
  • Provide your own “letter of invitation” or “visa support documents”
  • Go to the consulate yourself.

The price you see is the price you pay!

How do I order?

Tourist visa — valid for a maximum 30 day visit
Standard service £141.44 £151.44 7 days
Express service £222.32 £232.32 4 days
Service type Single visit Double visit Processing time
Transit visa — valid for a maximum 2 day visit
Standard service £81.44 £81.44 5 days
Express service £137.32 £137.32 2 days
Service type Single visit Double visit Processing time

What is the processing time?

The processing time is the number of working days (excluding weekends, UK and Belarus public holidays) that it will take us to obtain your visa once we have received your documents and lodged your application with the Belarus Consulate. We will lodge your application the next consular working day after we receive all the application paperwork (including the visa support document where applicable).

The Belarus consulate is closed on Wednesdays and does not accept lodgements or collections, so if we receive your application on a Tuesday it will be lodged on Thursday.

The day we receive your visa from the Consulate we will send it to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery, so you will have it the next business day before 1pm, or optionally hold it at our office for your collection.

What is a tourist visa?

A tourist visa is used by people visiting Belarus for tourist or leisure purposes for short trips of up to 30 days. The visa will be valid for travel to Belarus only during the dates tourist voucher supplied by a hotel approved by the Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If Real Russia is managing the accommodation then we will provide the official vouchers required by the Belarus consulate. If you are managing your own accommodation, then you will need to provide these confirmations with your application.

Do i need a hotel booking for a tourist visa?

New regulations introduced in November 2012 mean that Belarus tourist visas can only be obtained if a booking at a hotel approved by the Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been made for the person applying for the visa. Please contact us for more information or to book a hotel, you may also select and book approved hotels online at the following link: Hotel Bookings

What is a transit visa?

A transit visa is a specific type of visa for people who are travelling (or transiting) through Belarus to a third country, for example, going to Russia from Poland via Belarus overland by train, or flying from the UK into Minsk stopping a night and then continuing onto the Ukraine by air.

You may not use a transit visa if you are returning to the country that you entered Belarus from, for example flying from the UK to Minsk and then flying directly back to the UK.

The transit visa is valid for two (2) days and the transit through Belarus should occur during this time. This is generally sufficient for most travellers including those travelling through Belarus by train, typically trains take between 12 to 18 hours to go through Belarus; though if you have any doubts please contact us.

I am travelling to Russia via Belarus, can you help me with the Russian visa as well?

Yes, of course we can. We will process all visas "back to back" and return your passport with all visas when they are complete. See the following links for further details:

Do I need to register my visa in Belarus?

If you stay in Belarus for five (5) or more business days excluding weekends and Belarus public holidays then you will need to register your visa. If you are transiting through Belarus or staying less than five (5) working days then you do not need to register your visa, though you will still need to ensure you obtain a migration card as described below.

When you cross the border into Belarus, for example overland by train from Poland or by air from London into Minsk, then you will be given a migration card which you will need to complete. The card is in two parts, part "A" and "B" and both parts need to be completed (in block capitals) before you go through passport control. Part "A" of the card will be kept by passport control on entry and part "B" is returned to you with an entry stamp on it - do not lose this card, keep it with your passport at all times.

Mandatory government insurance is sold at Minsk international airport upon your arrival and this is required for your registration. If you travel to Belarus overland, for example by train or car, it is your responsibility to obtain the insurance in the city where you are staying before you go to get your visa registered. The two Belarus companies that offer insurance to foreign visitors are Belgosstrah (БЕЛГОССТРАХ) and Beleximgarant (БЕЛЭКСИМГАРАНТ), both of which are owned by the state.

If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel will register your visa for the duration of your stay at the hotel during the check-in process by placing the hotel registration stamp on part "B" of the migration card.

If you are staying at a private apartment or house then you need to be registered at the Passport and Visa Department in the town, city or district where you are staying. Your landlord or host will need to go with you and you will need to present your passport, part "B" of your migration card, proof of insurance and pay the registration fee of £4.00 (in Belarusian Roubles). The Passport and Visa Department registration stamp will go on part "B" of the migration card.

When you leave Belarus you need to present passport control with part "B" of your migration card containing your entry stamp, and, if required your registration stamp(s) from the hotel or OVIR.

If you have failed to register your visa correctly or lost your migration card, then you may have problems with passport control when leaving Belarus including fines of several hundred US dollars.

How do I read my visa?

Please see the following guide for more information: Reading a Belarusian visa

Can I deliver my passport and collect my visa from your office in person?

Yes, of course you can, we have an office in central London and we will be happy to see you and assist with your application if needed. If you intend to deliver an application in person or collect your passport and visa we are open for collection and deliveries during the following times:

Application Collection and Delivery times
Weekdays 09.00 18.00
Saturday 09.00 12.00
Sunday  Closed
Bank / public holidays By arrangement
Good Friday 18th April 09.00 12.00
Saturday 19th April 09.00 12.00
Easter Monday 21st April 09.00 12.00

Visa applications received by our office after 16.30 on weekdays or at any time on Saturdays or non-working days will not start to be processed until the following working day.

How can I pay for my visa?

You have several options to pay for your visa including:

Sounds good, how do I get my visa?

To order your Belarus visa online, simply click on the level of service you want from the options above.

What will happen when I click the service I want?


When you select the service you want from the options above we will ask you to fill in a simple online form with details about yourself, your trip and finally you will have the option to pay using your credit or debit card through our secure servers.


We will then email, fax or post (depending on your preference) your visa application form to you.


You complete and sign the visa application form and send this, along with your passport (with minimum two blank pages and valid for at least 6 months after the end of the visa) and a single colour passport photograph to us. That's it, that's all you have to do!


We will generate your visa support documents, complete all the necessary forms and submit your completed visa application to the Belarus Consulate. During the processing of your application, we will be on hand to answer any queries the Consulate may have and to ensure that your application is dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.


The day your visa is ready we will collect it in person and return this to you using Royal Mail Special Delivery so you will have it the next business day before 1pm or hold it at our office for your collection.

You can follow the progress of your order through our online order tracking system which will detail the steps taken and the steps remaining to obtain your visa.

Emergency Assistance

If you’re in need of assistance whilst travelling we offer a dedicated 24 hour telephone support service.

For all emergencies you can call us on +44 (0) 207 100 7370 where our operators are available to provide help 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you experience problems whilst away, our team can offer guidance and support. If for example you have mislaid your passport, you are experiencing difficulty boarding a train or any number of other travel issues, call our emergency helpline for immediate assistance.

Can you tell me more?

We try to give you as much information as we can to help you choose the service you need, though if you still have more questions please feel free to look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

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