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Understanding your Russian Letter of Invitation

Our guide on how to understand and apply for your Russian visa Letter of Invitation

Applying for any visa can be a difficult process and knowing which documents you need before you travel is crucial for ensuring that your travel plans go as simple and stress-free as possible.

In this article, we will look at Russian Letter of Invitations, exploring what the document is, why you need it and how to apply through our quick and easy online application service.

What is a Russian visa Letter of Invitation?

The Russian Letter of Invitation (also known as a Visa Support Document / VSD) is an official document required when travelling to Russia. The Invitation indicates that you have been authorised by an official sponsor such as a licensed travel company or organisation to visit Russia for tourism, study or business purposes.

What is the difference between a Russian visa and a Russian Letter of Invitation?

A Russian letter of invitation is a pre-requisite document that is used to obtain a Russian visa. The invitation indicates that you have the support from an official sponsor or organisation to visit Russia and obtain a Russian visa.

Can I travel to Russia on a Letter of Invitation?

No, it is not possible to travel to Russia on an Invitation alone, this only allows you to apply for a Russian visa which you can then use to visit Russia alongside your passport and travel documents.

What does a Russian visa Letter of Invitation look like?

Labelled Russian Tourist Visa Letter of Invitation
Labelled Russian Tourist Visa Letter of Invitation

Why do I need a Letter of Invitation to enter Russia?

A Russian Letter of Invitation is required to get a Russian visa. Before entering Russia, you need to have an official sponsor who will support you through both the visa processing at the Russian Consulate and with the Russian authorities when entering Russia.

Ordering your Russian visa Letter of Invitation with Real Russia

We provide an ‘all-inclusive’ Letter of Invitation service which covers everything we need to generate your official Russian Letter of Invitation and get this back to you for when you need it. We value transparency, so the price you see is the price you pay, and you do not need to book a flight, hotel or purchase anything else through us. We only ask that you complete our simple online Russian Letter of Invitation application form. No strings attached!

If you have any other questions about your Russian Invitation Letter or about Russian visas more generally, please see our dedicated Russian visa FAQ page.

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