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Kazan excursions

Kazan Walking Tour

"Step back in time and discover Kazan's millenial history"

Explore the historical centre of Kazan, where you will to uncover the monuments of the capital of the Tatarstan Republic. Immerse yourself in the city’s history at sights such as the Kazan Kremlin, Peter and Paul Cathedral, and the Mardjany Mosque. Read more...


3 hours
£ 17.00

Tour of the Kazan Kremlin

"Fell the spirit of a thousand year-old city!"

The Kazan Kremlin sits exquisitely on the banks of the Volga River overlooking the capital of Tatarstan Republic. Your unforgettable journey takes you to discover the only Tatar fortress in Russia, where you will find out why the Kremlin is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural and Heritage site. Read more...


2 hours
£ 14.00

Evening tour around Kazan

"See Kazan come alive under the radiant night sky"

See the beauty of the Kremlin as it lights up at night, take a stroll along the Kazanka River, see the city’s historic monuments glisten, and admire then magnificent views of the city under Kazan's radiant night sky. Read more...


2 hours
£ 22.00

Sviyazhsk Island Tour

"Unravel the secrets of UNESCO Island town of Sviyazhsk"

In six unforgettable hours, discover the ancient and scenic Sviyazhsk Island that was once a military base for the Russian troops. Explore the Island’s many cathedrals, step inside the restored merchant houses, and see life how it was lived over 1000 years ago. Read more...


6 hours
£ 82.00

Experience traditional Tatar Cuisine

"Let your taste-buds tingle"

Taste your way through the history of the Tatars, when you visit two café specialising in traditional Tatar cuisine. In three hours you will sample some of the region’s staple dishes, and uncover the customs of the Tatars and the Volga Bulgar nomads. Read more...


2 hours
£ 45.00

Visit to the Raifa Monastery and Temple of all religions

"Fell the spirituality and mystery of Orthodox belief"

Walk through the gateway leading to the sacred sanctuary, see the Georgian Mother of God Icon, Trinity Cathedral and St Sophia church, and explore the Volga-Kama State Natura Biosphere Reserve. Read more...


4 hours
£ 44.00