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Ulan-Bator excursions

Day Trip to Terelj National Park

"Explore the almighty landscape of Ulan-Bator"

Travel east of the capital to this incredible park in its beautiful mountain setting as you enjoy the nature and scenery around you with an abundance of wild flowers and hills. Read more...


8 hours
£ 135.00

Day Trip to Nomadic Family

"Experience first-hand the local customs of people in Ulan-Bator"

This is a one of a kind tour as you get to join a nomadic family for a day to see how they live and experience their culture as you dine with them and spend your day as one of them. Read more...


8 hours
£ 128.00

Trip to Nomadic Family (overnight)

"Live through the local customs of people in Ulan-Bator"

Become part of a Nomadic Family on this two day trip to their home where they’ll invite you in to become one of them as you learn about their unique lifestyle and culture as well as enjoying the beautiful surroundings of their home. Read more...


24 hours
£ 210.00

Trip to Terelj National Park: One night in a Ger

"Discover the almighty landscape of Ulan-Bator staying overnight in a Ger"

This two day tour takes you to the National Park and ger camp away from the city to explore the hills, wild landscapes and nomadic families and enjoy a night deep in the wilderness for a unique Mongolian experience. Read more...


32 hours
£ 267.00

City Walking Tour

"The essential full day city guided tour of Ulan-Bator"

Visit the incredible Buddhist Monastery to experience the unforgettable morning chanting before moving onto the historic museums and local shops to get a feel of the local culture, ready for your evening entertainment of Mongolian folklore music and dance. Read more...


8 hours
£ 68.00

Day City Tour (by car)

"Discover the finest landmarks of Ulan-Bator on the full day city tour"

Experience a full day of sightseeing as you visit monasteries, museums and shops as well as the most exquisite photo opportunities and an evening of tradition and authenticity as you’re entertained by Mongolian dance and music. Read more...


8 hours
£ 98.00

Half Day City Tour - Morning

"The essential start to your day for Ulan-Bator"

This car tour of the city takes you through gorgeous monasteries, museums and opportunities to see the city from some of the most panoramic points around the city, all packed into just one half day. Read more...


3 hours
£ 64.00

Half Day City Tour - Afternoon

"The essential end to your visit of Ulan-Bator"

You’ll see the sun set over this glistening city as you enjoy an afternoon tour, still seeing all the important sights such as the museum and Zaisan Hill but also enjoying the evening entertainment of a traditional folklore show to finish off the perfect afternoon in Ulan-Bator. Read more...


4 hours
£ 65.00

Half Day Walking Tour - Morning

"Enjoy a sunlit stroll through the monasteries of Ulan-Bator"

You’ll have the chance to experience the spiritual, historical and cultural on this all inclusive walking tour as you see temples, museums and department stores ranging from all eras of Mongolian history. Read more...


4 hours
£ 42.00

Half Day Walking Tour - Afternoon

"Enjoy a mid-afternoon stroll through monasteries at Ulan-Bator"

This afternoon tour of the city takes you round the National History Museum as well as the State Department Store to see all the history of Mongolia before entertaining you with an evening folklore show to round off the perfect cultural experience in just one simple afternoon! Read more...


4 hours
£ 52.00
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