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Ulan-Ude excursions

City Tour (by car)

"Discover the magnetism of Ulan Ude, the captivating capital of Buryatia Republic"

Experience the cultural diversity of this incredibly captivating city, a unique place where a multitude of magnificent discoveries awaits every traveller on the Trans-Siberian. Read more...


3 hours
£ 12.00

City Tour and Ethnographic Museum

"Experience the ethnic and cultural diversity of Ulan Ude"

Discover the historic centre of Ulan Ude, a unque place where there are magnificent discoveries awaiting all explorers. Watch history unfold at the open air Ethnographic Museum, and learn the traditions of the Buryat natives, the Colonisers, Cossacks and Old Believers. Read more...


6 hours
£ 31.00

Full Day Trip to Lake Baikal

"Discover the breathtaking and scenic havens of the sacred sea"

Venture to the oldest lake in the world, explore its beautiful bays, admire the awe-inspiring vistas of its majestic shores, and uncover the mysterious parables of Lake Baikal as they are told to you by a local fisherman. Read more...


12 hours
£ 67.00

Visiting the Old Believers

"Step into the world of the Old Believers and be part of their traditions"

Learn the history of the old believers, discover their way of life, and become part of an extraordinary culture as you share their traditions, discuss life, and experience village life in Ulan-Ude. Read more...


5 hours
£ 60.00

Ivolginsky Buddhist Datsan

"Discover Buddhism in Ulan Ude, and uncover Russia's religious diversity"

Feel as though you are stepping into another world, when you visit the home of Buddhism in Ulan-Ude, the national Buddhism centre, and see first-hand another facet of Religion and culture in Russia. Read more...


4 hours
£ 17.00

Visit to Atsagat village and Buddhist temple

"Immerse yourself in the Buryat-Mongolian traditions"

Embark on a spiritual adventure, step into another world at the centre of Buddhism in Ulan Ude; experience first-hand, another facet of Religion in Russia, and then admire the picturesque Siberian plains, while partaking in a game of archery. Read more...


5 hours
£ 59.00

The Cuisine of Buryatia

"Let the cuisine of Buryatia excite your taste-buds"

Get to know the culture of Buryatia on a culinary adventure to Tarbagatai Village. Dine in a traditional Buryat yurt and savour the flavours of some of the regions national dishes, while experiencing life as a local villager. Read more...


12 hours
£ 131.00

The Ethnographic Museum

"Step back in time and watch history of Russia's indigenous unfold"

The open air Ethnographic Museum has an interesting story to tell you about the life and traditions of the Buryatia natives, the Colonizers, Cossacks and Old-Believers. Read more...


3 hours
£ 19.00