Moscow & St Petersburg Tours 2019/2020

Everyone should take the time to visit the two most iconic and famous cities in Russia; Moscow, Russia’s beating heart, known for its history and rich cultural traditions, and St Petersburg, Russia’s soul, renowned for its art, iconic architecture and incredible atmosphere.

Winston Churchill famously remarked that, "Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." A sentiment that is as true today as it was then. Russia, and her people, are simply unique.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg offers a unique and memorable travel experience, but don’t take our word for it. To find out what makes Russia so special, join the thousands of travellers who trusted Real Russia to help them plan their adventure to these treasured and prominent cities.


"Everything was perfect, the guides, the hotels, the tours and the trains. The trip was beyond our expectations. I will happily recommend you to anyone. Thank you!!!" Cynthia and Craig

Go beyond the ordinary

Separated by 650 kilometres, a mere step in the vastness of Russia, these two remarkable cities are jewels of history and culture as well as the powers driving modern Russia today. Both are cities of superlatives and deeply personal to the Russian people, both are "Hero Cities" and both have been Russia’s capitals on more than one occasion.


Panorama of Moscow

Let Real Russia take you to explore the pride and heart of the Russian empire and the capital of a confident new Russia, the mighty Moscow.

Walk on Red Square, visit the treasures of the Kremlin, explore the "people’s palaces" on the deepest metro in the world as well as visit the less well-known artists quarter of "Old Arbat", the Soviet Exhibition park at VDNKh and the heights of Sparrow Hills. Not enough? Maybe include a trip to the all Russian Tretyakov Gallery or Stalin’s secret bunker. Did we mention the Bolshoi?

Everywhere you look you will see Moscow has its roots firmly in Russians glorious past and its eyes fixed on the future, though its unique blend of architecture where the ornate spires and domes of the ancient Tsars rub shoulders with the skyscrapers of the Soviet Union and glass superstructures of the 21st Russia.

From the moment you step into this city of billionaires and ordinary muscovites, you will never see Russia, or the Russians the same way again. 


St Petersburg

'Venice of the North'

The soul of modern Russia, Saint Petersburg is considered to be the most ‘European’ of all Russian cities, and not by accident. In its early years of growth, some of the best European architects were chosen to give the city a ‘modern’ and ‘European’ look; a decision that has led to the centre of Saint Petersburg being labelled a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All of this is not to say that you will be missing out on Russian history and culture; Saint Petersburg was at the centre of the February Revolution in 1917, and plays host to the Hermitage, one of the largest depositories of Russian art in the world.