Trans-Siberian Tour Accommodation

From city hotels and rustic homestays, lakeside challets and Gers on the Mongolian Steppe to carriages that rock you to sleep. Throughout your trip you can relax in trusted accommodation, with a comprehensive range of premium 4 star to budget 2 star and homestay accommodation, all centrally located close to the main sights.

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  • 3 * Victoria Hotel Irkutsk

    Three Star Victoria Hotel Irkutsk

  • 4 * Irkutsk Marriott

    Four Star Irkutsk Marriott

  • 2nd Class Train Accommodation

    Coupe Train Cabins

  • 1st Class Train Accommodation

    Deluxe Train Cabins

  • Restaurant Inside Train

    Luxury Dining Areas


Hotel options

All accomodation in our tours have been selected for their quality, location and value and the initial type and classification will depend on which tour range you choose.

- quality budget 2* hotels and homestays
- centrally located comfortable 3* hotels
- city centre 4* luxury hotels

It is possible to switch the type and classification of the tour accomodation, for example if you like the idea of the Discover range of tours but would like to enjoy the Experience range of accomodation in Moscow, then this is not a problem.

You may also add extra nights at the start or end of your tour, speak to one of our friendly experts for pricing and options to tailor your ideal Trans-Siberian adventure.

Home Stays

Staying with a local family is a great way of experiencing Russia's famous hospitality. You’ll enjoy a home-from-home with a comfy bed and home cooked food, while learning about Russian customs and traditions.

This option is available for all ranges that visit Irkutsk and Yekaterinburg.

Ger Camps

A ger (also known as a yurt) is a portable felt-lined tent used by families in Mongolia. It has no separate rooms, only one big room with two or three beds, a table, stools and a stove for heating when it is cool.

Within a ger the furniture is always arranged in the same way with the kitchen to the right of the door, an altar in the back, and beds to the left and right of the altar.

Staying in a ger Camp gives the ideal opportunity to sample the daily life of a Mongolian nomad.

Train accommodation

Trans-Siberian trains offer a variety of accommodation to suit your requirements.

First class sleeper carriages, also known as Deluxe, are private lockable cabins with two single beds, a small table and luggage storage area.

Typical 1st class carriage layout*

Second class sleeper carriages, known as Coupe, have four beds in each cabin, two lower and two upper. The door can be locked and there is a table by the window and a luggage storage area.

Typical 2nd class carriage layout*

*sleeping layouts will vary depending on the train

All train journeys on our Trans-Siberian tours are booked as second class cabins, though if you prefer to have the privacy and extra comfort of a first class cabin the pricing and options are available on the tour pages, or, speak to one of our Trans-Siberian tour experts who will be happy to advise you.