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With all tours originating in the Pacific city of Vladivostok you are guaranteed a memorable journey through Asia, Siberia and European Russia passing breathtaking landscapes such as the Ural Mountains and the awe-inspiring Lake Baikal. For a detailed breakdown of this tour, please download our free Trans-Russian tour brochure which includes a day to day account of what you will see and do, along with tour prices and information regarding your accommodation.

Destinations Map

Day 1 - Arrival in Vladivostok

VladivostokYour tour starts in Vladivostok, where your transfer will be waiting for you at the airport, or sea port, to take you to your accommodation.

Day 2 - Vladivostok Excursion

VladivostokToday your adventure starts, a full day excursion including a city tour taking in all of the major sights of Vladivostok as well as a visit to your choice of two museums.

Day 3 - Depart Vladivostok

Far East RussiaPack, and prepare to check-out, then make the most of what Vladivostok has to offer on your final day in the city before you are provided with a transfer to the railway station, where our guide will advise, and assist, in purchasing provisions for the train if desired, accompany you to the platform, ensure that everyone is settled into their cabins and answer any last minute questions.

Day 4 - Into the Far East

Siberian ForestYour first full day on the train takes you through Khabarovsk, the largest city and the administrative centre of the vast region that is twice the size of Germany, but with a population of only around 1 million people. It is the second largest city in the Far East after Vladivostok and home of many natural wonders including the famous White Siberian Tiger and the Amur River.

Day 5 - A day to relax on-board

IrkutskTake a day to relax and unwind as the train snakes its way towards Lake Baikal and Siberia.

Day 6 - Arrive in Irkutsk

IrkutskFollowing your arrival in Irkutsk, you will be taken to the shores of Lake Baikal to enjoy some free time before relaxing in a traditional Russian Banya and having dinner.

Day 7 - Taltsy Excursion

Siberian HinterlandsToday you will take a step back in time as you visit the Taltsy open air museum, home to an incredible variety of wooden buildings from the last few hundred years of Russian history, detailing how Russians lived and worked in Siberia and beyond.

Day 8 - A Choice of Excursions

Irkutsk ChurchOn day eight, you can select from one of the following incredible excursions!

Option one - Following the route of the original Trans-Siberian line around Lake Baikal, the Circum-Baikal railway is a definite highlight of the Trans-Siberian. Starting early, you will travel along the south-west shoreline of Lake Baikal, with many stops for breath-taking photos. You can even dip a toe or two into the lake if you are feeling brave!

Option two – Great for those who wish to immerse themselves in local culture, you will be taken to a settlement belonging to the indigenous Buryat people, 70km outside of Irkutsk on the remote Siberian plain. There are many activites available here, such as visiting the local lore museum, being ‘cleansed’ by the local Shaman, and taking part in a traditional Buryat feast.

Option three – If you wish to learn more about Lake Baikal then this is the perfect opportunity. You will be taken on a guided tour of the local Baikal museum and aquarium (home to two of the indigenous Baikal seal’s), followed by a chair lift ride to one of the highest point in the Listvyanka area, offering panoramic views across Lake Baikal and beyond. Following lunch, you be guided around a local Russian orthodox church, offering the chance to learn about the history of Orthodoxy, before checking out a local fish market. You will even have the chance to practice your bartering skills!

These excursions will finish back in Irkutsk quite late, so pack accordingly!

Day 9 - Irkutsk Excursion

TrainA fascinating half day city tour to see some of the best sights in Irkutsk, the Polish cathedral, Russian Orthodox churches and the Decembrist’s House.

Day 10 - Depart Irkutsk

People on TrainThere will be a transfer from the hotel to the railway station to catch your train for the next leg of your Trans–Siberian journey, on through Siberia and on to Moscow.

Day 11 - Venturing into Siberia

Siberian ForestThrough the seemingly limitless tracks and incredible forests of Siberia (the largest forest in the world), you will be passing through the mighty Altai region, crossing the River Yenisei at Krasnoyarsk.

Day 12 - Arrival in Yekaterinburg

Far East RussiaYou will arrive in Yekaterinburg and be provided with a transfer to take you to your accommodation.

Day 13 - Yekaterinburg Excursion Day

MoscowA full day tour, featuring some of the key landmarks that Yekaterinburg has to offer, including the Cathedral on the Blood, Ascension Hill and the Literary Quarter as well as a trip to the Europe/Asia border.

Day 14 - Free Day in Yekaterinburg

YekaterinburgYou will have the opportunity to investigate, explore, and experience the historic city of Yekaterinburg in your own time.

Day 15 - Free Day and Departure from Yekaterinburg

Far East RussiaYou will have a free morning to continue exploring the city, however you will need to prepare to check out and be ready for a transfer to the railway station early in the afternoon.

Day 16 - Arrive in Moscow

MoscowAt the end of this day you will reach your destination, the Russian Capital of Moscow, where your transfer will be waiting to pick you up.

Explore, Discover, Experience

Real Russia has drawn on years of experience in the region to create three ranges of our tours and a wide selection of options to give you maximum choice and flexibility in choosing your Trans-Siberian adventure.

This tour is in the Experience Range - this premium range takes care of all travel arrangements including trains, transfers, full day excursions accompanied by a professional guide and the finest 4* hotels.

To view this tour in the other ranges, then please select from the options shown below, or, if you are ready to start your adventure with Real Russia, then simply press “Request Tour” and we will get started!


Experience Range

All our tours include:

  • Domestic and international rail tickets
  • Transfers for all departures and arrivals at each city
  • A transfer with a personal guide to accompany you to the train on the start of your journey
  • Russian letter of invitation
  • Breakfast at all hotels, homestays and other accommodation

This tour includes:

  • Total Duration: 16 Days
  • Nights on the train: 7
  • Key Destinations: Vladivostok (2), Irkutsk (4), Yekaterinburg (3), Moscow
  • Excursions with a local guide: 4 Full day: Vladivostok City tour, a choice of excursions in, and around, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg City tour. 2 Half day: Irkutsk City tours
  • Accommodation: City centre luxury 4* hotels near to all the main sights
  • Meals: Breakfast at all Hotels, plus other meals, which are dependent on your preferred excursions. These are indicated in each route itinerary

This tour does not include:

  • In tour spending money (all accommodation, excursions, transfers and other tour elements are fully paid prior to departure)
  • Flights or other travel arrangements prior to tour joining point
  • Meals, unless specified in the itinerary

Explore, Discover, Experience

Real Russia has drawn on years of experience in the region to create three ranges of our tours and a wide selection of options to give you maximum choice and flexibility in choosing your Trans-Siberian adventure.

This tour is in the Experience Range - this premium range takes care of all travel arrangements including trains, transfers, full day excursions accompanied by a professional guide and the finest 4* hotels.

To view this tour in the other ranges, then please select from the options shown below, or, if you are ready to start your adventure with Real Russia, then simply press “Request Tour” and we will get started!


Experience Range

Our range of tour extensions are ideal to make your incredible trip go that little bit further. With two, three or four day options, you can explore and spend more time in Moscow, discover the mysterious pacific coastal city of Vladivostok, or experience stunning St Petersburg, one of Russia’s greatest cities.

Heart of Russia, the Moscow extension

MoscowIf you are travelling from Beijing or Vladivostok, then we would strongly recommend the Moscow extension!

The thriving capital of Russia will be introduced to you along with the iconic sights including the Kremlin, Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, the Bolshoi Theatre and you can shop for souvenirs on Old Arbat Street or one of the many markets nearby.

Northern Capital, the St Petersburg extension

St PetersburgSpend a few days exploring the stunning city of St Petersburg built on the shores of the Baltic as his window to the west by one of Russia's greatest Tsars, Peter I.

Within a few days you will discover some of the many delights of this “Venice of the North” including one of the greatest treasures in the world, the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress on the banks of the Neva, the golden coated St Isaac's Cathedral and a trip through its many canals before setting off for Moscow. A great way to get your Trans-Siberian adventure off to a flying start.



All of our tours include activities and excursions to allow you to get the best out of your trip; however, we have a unique range of extras you can add to enhance your experience, including:

St Petersburg: White Night bike tour, St Petersburg by night, Hydrofoil boat cruise to Peterhof, visit to Palaces and Gardens of Pavlovsk and Pushkin.

Moscow: Tretyakov Gallery guided tour, Ghost of Moscow tour, Russian vodka museum, River cruise on Radisson boat, Armoury and Diamond Fund, tour to Sergiev Posad, Jewish Sights.

Yekaterinburg: Romanovs Dynasty trail, Demidovs Tower tour in Nevyansk, Deer Springs National Park.

Irkutsk: Peschanaya bay winter tour, Hovercraft tour on frozen lake Baikal, Hiking tour around Listvyanka.

Ulan-Bator: Genghis Khan’s village, Natural History Museum, trip to Bogd Khan National park, day trip to Nomadic family, trip to Khustain Nuruu National Park.

Beijing: Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Acrobatic show, Martial arts study, Capital museum and Olympic Stadium.


Experience Range

Your tour begins in the Russian Far East, in the city of Vladivostok before moving on towards Siberia; making a three night stopover in Irkutsk, close to the majesty of the worlds largest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal. You will move westward through the vast steppes and forests of Eurasia, staying in the historic Yekaterinbug for three nights, before passing through the Ural Mountains, into European Russia, and finishing your adventure in Moscow. With premium 4* accommodation, full in-tour transfers and complete guided excursions, you can relax and submerge yourself into the total Russian experience.

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Prices (*based on 2020 rates, therefore subject to change)

  Second Class   First Class
No. of people £ $   £ $
1 £4,900.00 €5,390.00 $5,910.00   £5,645.00 €6,210.00 $6,810.00
2 £3,245.00 €3,565.00 $3,910.00   £3,990.00 €4,385.00 $4,810.00
3 £3,265.00 €3,590.00 $3,940.00   £4,010.00 €4,410.00 $4,835.00
4 £2,975.00 €3,270.00 $3,585.00   £3,715.00 €4,090.00 $4,485.00
5 £3,035.00 €3,335.00 $3,660.00   £3,780.00 €4,155.00 $4,560.00
6+ £2,845.00 €3,125.00 $3,430.00   £3,585.00 €3,345.00 $4,325.00
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Below is a selection of recent testimonials received from Real Russia customers …

"The whole tour was absolutely amazing ..."


"Everything was perfect, the guides, the hotels, the tours and the trains. The trip was beyond our expectations. I will happily recommend you to anyone. Thank you!!!"

Cynthia and Craig

"I just wanted to say that your thoughtfulness and attention to detail made for just a wonderful holiday. We have sung your praises so many times ..."

Barbara & Jan-Erik

"I don't see how you could do better. I couldn't recommend you more highly."


"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent services! Everything went brilliant and we enjoyed the Transiberian/Mongolian railway a lot. We will recommend you everywhere."


"Now that our Russian adventure has come to an end we want to let you know how much we enjoyed the tour. Your excellent planning and arrangements really resulted in a trip that more than met our expectations. It was truly the trip of a lifetime."

Alan and Gail

"The trip has been wonderful It has exceeded our expectations! You have done a wonderful job, congratulations to you and Real Russia!"

Cinthia and Craig

"We had a fantastic trip through Russia, Mongolia and China. It simply can't be described in words :-) It's one of those life changing experiences."

Guro and Thomas

"We had an amazing journey and loved every minute of it. Your organization of the tour was excellent and everything went to plan. The trip was made very interesting by the informative and very pleasant guides we had in the major cities – they looked after us very well, were always on the platform to meet us and ensured we got the next train. That certainly took the worry out of the trip. The way the tour was organized allowed us plenty of free time after we had the introduction to the city. All the hotels were good, the Imperia Park in St Petersburg was excellent for friendliness and location (away from the main tourist area but near the underground). The hotel in Moscow was also in an interesting location and suited us very well (although quite a walk to the underground) and gave us a flavour of soviet style hotels.

Our time in Yekaterinburg was most enjoyable, the hotel was excellent and our tour guide an amazing and informative man who ensured we got the best from his city. Lake Baikal and Irkutsk were cold, sunny but again very interesting – the Circum-Baikal railway was a definite highlight of the trip – it was a lovely day and the al fresco lunch with pine nut vodka will stay with us for a long time. Ulan Bator was a very different experience, despite the dreadful driving conditions we had an excellent guide and most importantly a very careful driver. The Ger camp was set in an amazing valley away from the main camps and was quite delightful – and the visit to a local herdsman was memorable.

I could continue to write about our trip for several hours but I am sure you can see that we had a wonderful time. We would like to thank Real Russia for their excellent organization, from the original enquiries, the visa service, hotels, train tickets and the partner guides in the various cities. All of these things ensured that we had a trouble free experience and we would highly recommend Real Russia for anyone thinking about travel in Russia. If you require any more detailed feedback we would be happy to do so.

Once again, many many thanks for helping us to go on this trip."

Andrea and Maurice

"Nick and I have just got back to the UK after a fantastic two-week adventure on the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian routes, and I just wanted to write to you to register our big, big thanks!

You, and all the team at Real Russia, have done just the best job for us. You've been terrific from the start when we had lots of options and lots of changes of mind, and you were wonderfully patient and advised us very well. Once the itinerary was finalised you did briliantly with all the tickets and visas on time, everything clearly described, and all 100 per cent ready to go.

All the arrangements worked out perfectly. We've been delighted. You and Real Russia deserve all credit for a wonderful job and, again, many many thanks!

All best wishes"

John and Nick

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Trans-Siberian Rail Route Brochures

trans-russian tours


  • Travelling the length of Russia
  • Trans-Siberian Express:
    10 days Moscow to Vladivostock direct
  • Classic Trans-Siberian:
    13 days Moscow to Vladivostok via Irkutsk and Lake Baikal
  • Vladivostok Voyager:
    16 days Moscow to Vladivostok via Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Lake Baikal

trans-manchurian tours


  • Travelling through Russia and China
  • Beijing Express:
    10 days Moscow to Beijing through Manchuria
  • Siberian Eye:
    14 days Moscow to Beijing via Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Manchuria

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  • Travelling through Russia, Mongolia and China
  • Trans-Mongolian Express:
    9 days Moscow to Beijing direct
  • Three Capitals:
    13 days Moscow to Beijing via Ulan-Bator
  • Classic Trans-Mongolian:
    17 days Moscow to Beijing via Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Ulan-Bator
  • Real Eurasian:
    19 days Moscow to Beijing via Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Ulan-Bator