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Take an unforgettable journey by Tsar’s Gold private train through Russia and Mongolia and its magical winter landscapes, with a possible 3-day extension to China. Enjoy a ride on a dog sledge, the crisp, clear winter sun, and the stunning Lake Baikal – just a few of the memorable moments on a journey through a winter wonderland in a perfectly heated train. One of the highlights: spend a night in a nomads' camp in Mongolia in totally unspoilt surroundings!

Day 1 – Arrival in Moscow

Once you arrive in Moscow, your tour guide will welcome you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel to settle in and leave your heavy luggage behind, before heading out to explore the Russian capital. You will take a stroll to see the exquisitely illuminated city, with a visit to Red Square, before enjoying a dinner at the hotel.

Overnight: Hotel Intercontinental Tverskaya (or similar). Meals included: dinner.

Day 2 – Excursion in Moscow

Explore Europe's most dynamic city on a panoramic city tour with its contrast of traditional onion-shaped golden domes decorating small churches and cathedrals, and the power of skyscrapers. Afterwards, relax over lunch in a traditional Russian restaurant before joining your special carriage to depart from the impressive backdrop of one of Moscow's major stations. On board, enjoy a delicious welcome dinner.

Overnight on board. Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 3 – Excursion in Suzdal

After breakfast, you will arrive in the old Russian town of Vladimir before travelling by bus on to Suzdal, one of the oldest and most beautiful spots of the Golden Ring, you will take an excursion around the Suzdal Kremlin, the Cathedral of the Nativity and the Monastery of Saint Euthymius, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Around noon, you return to your private train and travel east through the vast plains of old Russia, crossing the Volga and Kama Rivers before climbing the Ural Mountains—usually covered in massive deposits of snow this time of year. Later, on-board you can enjoy talks about the Cossack conquest of Siberia, Russian life in winter, and the last of the Tsars.

Overnight on board. Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 4 – Excursion in Yekaterinburg

You will stop in Yekaterinburg, the historical capital of the Ural region. Yekaterinburg has gone down in history as the place where Tsar Nicolas II was murdered with his family in 1918. A short city tour includes the attractive city centre, restored in 2009, as well as the commemorative Cathedral on the Blood, built in 2003 on the site of the tsar's execution. Back on board, your train continues across the rolling steppes of western Siberia.

Overnight on board. Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 5 – The vastness of Siberia

Your train continues across Siberia. Relax and enjoy the magical winter views of snowy birch and larch woods in the sunshine! A vodka tasting with classic Russian snacks in the restaurant car explores some of the less familiar aspects of Russian customs associated with food and drink. An entertaining film offers a fascinating insight into Russian culture.

Overnight on board. Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 6 – Excursion in Krasnoyarsk

Morning arrival in Krasnoyarsk. According to writer Anton Chekhov, the most beautiful city in Siberia. The short city tour focuses on an overview of Krasnoyarsk's captivating history. The mix of old and new streets vividly illustrates how the city has grown and changed over the years. Enjoy a view of Peace Square, the city's oldest square, and the stunning vistas across the Yenisei river. Naturally, there is also a stop at the beautiful Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel, the symbol of Krasnoyarsk. Back on board, your train continues on to Irkutsk.

Overnight on board. Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 7 – Arrival in Irkutsk and Listvyanka

The train pulls into Irkutsk station. During your city tour you see the Okhlopkov Drama Theatre, the new memorial to Tsar Alexander III, and the photogenic market hall. You will also see the picturesque Siberian wooden houses and visit one of the biggest monasteries in East Siberia.

Overnight: Hotel Irkutsk (or similar). Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 8 – Winter activities in Lake Baikal

Today, you will visit a local family where you will get to try a traditional Russian meal and have a chance to visit an authentic banya. The final stop around the lake is the Baikal Museum, which showcases this area's special ecosystem and the lake itself, the world's largest fresh water reservoir. In the evening, your private train departs from Irkutsk.

Overnight on board. Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 9 – Lake Baikal

Today is spent exploring the remarkable natural phenomenon of Lake Baikal, the largest reservoir of freshwater in the world. Your train travels several hours directly alongside Lake Baikal, on the old route of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Take a walk on the frozen Lake Baikal and enjoy a relaxing day on board. 

Overnight on board. Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 10 - Excursion in Ulan-Ude

You continue on your way through the steppes of eastern Siberia—through the gorgeous, snow-covered Selenga Valley. You make a stopover in Ulan-Ude where you will have a city tour, and then continue on to the Russia–Mongolia border, where border checkpoint formalities take place.

Overnight on board. Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 11 – Arrival in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

As your train pulls into the Mongolian capital city of Ulan Bator in the morning, porters are already waiting to help with your luggage. Your hotel is conveniently located in the centre of the city. This first night in Ulan Bator also offers the chance to stay in a heated nomad felt tent in unspoilt — and probably very frosty! — surroundings (advance booking required). Sleeping in a traditional felt tent under the stars in the majestic quiet of nature – a truly unique experience! The afternoon is dedicated to a visit to the National Museum of Mongolia. Those taking hotel accommodation can enjoy an evening programme of Mongolian folklore with throat singing, music performed on the traditional bowed string instrument, the morin khuur, national costumes, myths and dance (entrance fee payable on site). The nomad felt tent option includes traditional Mongolian tales around an open fire.

Overnight: Hotel Bayangol (or similar). Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 12 – Excursion in Ulan Bator

Today's programme offers such impressive sights as the Buddhist Gandan monastery and the quirky architectural masterpiece of Choijin Lama Temple. The temple architecture is unique worldwide for its dramatic depictions of the torments of hell for those leaving the path of righteousness. The afternoon excursion visits a family of cattle breeders just outside the city.

Overnight: Hotel Bayangol (or similar). Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 13 – Departure

After breakfast in Ulan Bator, your journey through this magical winter landscape has come to an end!

Should you wish to continue your epic journey, Tsar's Gold offer an extension to Beijing. Your scheduled Chinese train leaves Ulan Bator for Beijing in the morning. The journey to China's capital city takes around 35 hours in total and crosses the vast Gobi desert. Please contact our tour specialists to find out more.

Meals included: breakfast.


Tsars Gold

This tour includes:

Hotel and on-board accommodation: Although you will spend much of your time sightseeing or socialising in the trains public areas, you will find your hotel room or cabin a welcome retreat at the end of the day.

Tour manager: An experienced tour manager from Moscow to Ulan Bator throughout, available to answer all your questions.

Excursions and sightseeing with local English-speaking guides (minimum group of at least 6)

All transfers and travel: Tsar's Gold will ensure that you need not worry about any of the travelling involved in your winter adventure, including to and from the airport at either end of your tour.

Excursions, activities and entry fees: As laid out in the itinerary.

All meals according to itinerary.

On-board doctor: In order to ensure your health and safety, Tsars Gold ensures you have a doctor on call from Moscow to Ulan Bator.

Not Included:

  • Gratuities
  • Any flights or travel costs not covered in the itinerary.
  • Visa costs. See the Real Russia Trans-Siberian Visa’s page
  • Personal expenses such as souvenir shopping or extra food and drink not included in the itinerary.


Tsars Gold

Real Russia's range of tour extensions are an ideal way to make your incredible trip go that little bit further. With two, three or four day options, you can explore and spend more time in Moscow, discover the mysterious Chinese capital, Beijing, or experience stunning St Petersburg, one of Russia’s greatest cities.

Northern Capital, the 'Real Russia' St Petersburg extension

St Petersburg

Spend a few days exploring the stunning city of St Petersburg; built on the shores of the Baltic as his window to the west by one of Russia's greatest Tsars, Peter I.

During your few days there, you will discover some of the many delights of this ‘Venice of the North’, including, the Hermitage, one of the greatest treasures in the world, the Peter and Paul Fortress on the banks of the Neva, the golden coated St Isaac's Cathedral and a trip through its many canals before setting off for Moscow. A great way to begin, or finish, your Trans-Siberian adventure.

Heart of Russia, the 'Real Russia' Moscow extension


Add to your Moscow experience with a few extra days in Russia’s historic capital.

You will have the opportunity to see a few sights that may not be covered on your private tour, including the beautiful Alexander Gardens, along with the Eternal Flame there, the memorial to Soviet Cosmonauts and the famous artist’s quarter, Old Arbat.

Dragon City, the 'Real Russia' Beijing extension


Why not spend an extra few days in Beijing before either journeying home from, or beginning, your Trans-Siberian adventure.

Over the three days of this extension, you will have the opportunity to see new sights, such as the famous Beijing Jade Factory, where you will find out about how craftsmen have learned to craft this precious stone over the centuries.

You will also be able to spend more time in a few of the stops from your tour, giving you the chance to find out more about them, such as the Great Wall.

In addition to this, there will be time to explore Beijing at your leisure.

The Heart and Soul of Russia, the 'Real Russia' Moscow and Saint Petersburg Tour

MoscowWhy not combine your extra time in Moscow with a short trip to Russia’s former capital, the architecturally beautiful ‘Venice of the North’, Saint Petersburg.

Real Russia’s four, six and eight day tours cover everything you could want to see; from the Peterhof Palace and Gardens, to the world famous Hermitage museum.


Tsars Gold

Your tour will begin with the opportunity to discover, and experience, the Russian capital, Moscow in winter. En-route to Ulan Bator, enjoy the snowy landscapes, history and culture of Russia and Mongolia, as you visit many varied and unique towns and cities, including Suzdal, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude and Ulan Bator.

Tour dates 2022

  • 12th - 24th February

Prices 2021

Price in:

Cabin Class Number of passengers
1 2+
Nostalgic Comfort    
Bolshoi Platinum    

Price is per person.

*Price based on four people sharing.

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"What a wonderful trip! I love Trains. Special mention must be made of the Quality Control Offices (Phyllis). His skills in finding solutions to some difficult situations were excellent."

Margot Broadway, Australia

"This train is a veritable dacha on wheels. It’s a private magic carpet of a train with 44 attendants, six chefs, scores of guides, waiters and engineers, as well as a doctor, a librarian and an accordion player to boot."

Diane Molzan, US

"The trip has been better than promised. Service was personal, not routine. The stress, that the guides undoubtedly had at some time or the other, did not get passed on to the guests. The Russian personnel on the train has to be called very caring, almost affectionate."

Gabi and Gert L, DE

"What an excellent adventure, professionally organized and managed by expert personnel at all levels. In particular – the re-arrangement of the final days of our trip, caused by the chinese 'seizure' of the train to Beijing, was in one word brilliant!!! We could not fault the actions taken and the information updates by our 'on train personnel'. CONGRATULATIONS!"

Graham Shaw, Australia

"Just wanted to follow up and say what a great trip I had…. The best tip with the extension cord! Everybody in my carriage loved it. The compartment was perfect. Nice group of people."

Jackie D, US

"It was a truly outstanding experience – to stand on the Great Wall, wander amongst the horses of Mongolia, picnic at Lake Baikal, see Siberia, discover Kazan and be introduced to Moscow. Above all, the train journey itself was a pure delight. Thank you so much."

Mary and David, Canada