Trans-Siberian Visas

If you are booking one of our Trans-Continental tours, you will need to apply for one, if not all, of the following visas depending on the route: Belarus transit visa, Russian tourist visa, Mongolian tourist visa and/or Chinese tourist visa.

At Real Russia, we can help you with all of your visa applications, as we can process them back to back; returning your passport with all of the visas when they are complete. We can also provide unrivalled visa advice and visa support service and can cater to almost any nationality – contact us here for more information. If you are a UK national or resident in the UK then we can assist processing your visas, you can find more by clicking here.

In terms of obtaining your visas, the application and validity times can vary:

  • If you are travelling to Russia from Europe by train, you might need a Belarus transit visa. The transit visa is valid for two (2) days and the transit through Belarus should occur during this time. Typically trains take between 12 to 18 hours to go through Belarus.
  • You can apply for your Russian tourist visa no more than 6 months in advance, with the maximum stay in Russia of up to 30 days.
  • If you are going through Mongolia, you will need either a tourist or transit visa. A tourist visa is for those going to Mongolia for tourism or leisure; whereas a transit visa is only used for those passing through Mongolia (from one country to another), without getting off the train. The Mongolian tourist visa also provides you with a maximum stay of up to 30 days during any one visit. The Mongolian transit visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue, so the transit period should be completed in this window.
  • If you are going through China, you will need a tourist visa, for those going for tourism or leisure. The Chinese tourist visa allows you 90 days to enter China from the visa issue date, with the maximum stay up to 30 days. Please note, the Chinese Consulate now grant 2 year multiple entry visas for UK passport holders, therefore the fees were raised. For more details please contact us.

Once you have left your completed applications with us, along with any other necessary documentation, we will lodge it at the consulate the next working day.

You can complete the application forms and apply for your visas online; all we will need is for you to send us your passport with any other appropriate documentation. You can also come to our office in London to lodge your visa applications or simply to seek advice, including for collection and delivery.

Prices for our full visa service start from £110.57* for a Russian tourist visa, to £326.81* for Russian, Mongolian and Chinese tourist visas all inclusive. Included in these prices are all costs necessary to get your visa, such as:

  • Visa support and invitation letter fees
  • Ministry and consular charges and taxes
  • Delivery, collection and management of your applications between the consulates by our expert visa team.

*Prices depend on a nationality. Please see our website or contact our visa team.

The benefit of organising your visas with Real Russia is that you can do so without leaving home*, we can provide our own visa support documents or letter of invitations and organise any other parts of your trip for your once in a lifetime journey. If your journey doesn’t finish once the tour is completed, then do let us know; as we could help with further travel and visa arrangements.

*Except for Russian visas where you will have to provide your fingerprints when lodging the documents to the Visa Application Centre. Information on the biometrics procedure may be found here.

If you live abroad and would still like to use our visa services, we have a number of partner offices around the world and contact details of consulates abroad if you decide to do it yourself.

For further information on partner offices and consulates abroad, visa requirements, prices, or any other details; please see our website or call our visa team who are happy to help.