Trains between Moscow and Nice

The French Riviera has always been a popular destination for tourists, so much so that a direct train goes from Moscow to Nice each week. Skipping through no less than 8 countries along the way, the Moscow - Nice train is one of the largest Trans-European trains in the world stretching a total length of 3315km.

How much does a train between Moscow and Nice cost?

Trains between Moscow and Nice average around £300 for a standard single ticket. It is possible to obtain a discount by booking in advance, and the further in advance you book the better the price. There are different class options available on the train as well as alternative routes through Italy and Austria which may cause a fluctuation in price.

Moscow - Nice timetables

Various changes being made to the route in recent years with one route via Linz and Innsbruck entering Italy at Brenner, while the other passes by Verona and enters Italy at Tarvisio instead before travelling onto Nice; both routes take approximately two days. Due to the change in routes, the timetable has also changed with trains now departing Moscow Thursday evening at 20:00pm and reaching Nice at around 18:00pm Saturday evening. Similar changes have also been made to the Nice to Moscow route with trains now leaving on Sunday morning rather than on the Saturday evening.


Booking Moscow - Nice trains

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