How to read a Russian Train Ticket

Russian TicketWe provide an itinerary in English with every train ticket we supply outlining all the important information. However, if you dont speak Russian and you wonder what it actually says on the ticket then you can use the guide below to to work it out.

If you have an electronic ticket (E-Ticket) please see our guide for information on electronic tickets or electronic registration. Below are the three types of tickets you will most commonly come across.

You can click on the ticket below to download an individual PDF or click here to download all three.

Russian Domestic Train Ticket

Russian Domestic Train Ticket

Russian International Train Ticket

Russian Continental Train Ticket

Deutsche Bahn European Train Ticket

Russian Third type of ticket

Type of train

This includes the types of trains – not the classes of the carriages. There are four different types of train in Russia, which can vary greatly from European and American trains. The icons that are shown next to each class are visible when booking the tickets, and are not shown on the ticket itself :

  • Firmeny (ФИРМ) - translates as ‘firm’, as in company, alluding to each Firmeny train being privately run by individual towns and cities across Russia. As such, each Firmeny train offers a good quality of service and a smooth journey as it proudly represents its heritage.
  • Skory (СК) - these are express trains, covering longer distance routes. They are known to be comfortable, with more convenient departure and arrival times and also stop at a minimal number of places – however there are more stops on here than on a Firmeny train.
  • Skorostnoj (СКРСТ) - these are high speed trains, the most common of which is the Sapsan between St Petersburg and Moscow. They are comfortable and mainly have coach style seating.
  • Passazhirsky (ПАСС) - these are passenger trains with a greater number of stops than any other type and are therefore the slowest.


  • Spalny Vagon (aka SV) 1st class: these have 2 berth compartments with 9 compartments per coach. There are two lower couches that convert into beds and then the washrooms and toilets are at the end of each coach. 1st class compartments also have power sockets for passenger use.
  • Kupeny (aka Kupe/Coupe) 2nd class: these have 4 berth compartments that include 2 upper beds and 2 lower beds with luggage compartments under the lower beds and above the doors. There are 9 compartments per coach and washrooms and toilets at the each of each coach.
  • Platskartny (aka Platskart) 3rd class: these have 8 opened compartments, with 6 bunks per compartment including luggage space. This is the cheapest option with 54 bunks per coach and, as it can be more social than other classes, is often seen as the safest travel option for solo female travellers so that they are not stuck in the 4 berth compartments with strangers.


When booking your train, you can add meals to your ticket that are redeemable at the restaurant carriage. The meals purchased will appear on your train ticket, which you can navigate using the train ticket guide. The digit following the “У” icon denotes the number of meals purchased, for example У0 would indicate no meals have been included whereas У3 shows there are three meals. To avoid disappointment, investigate the opening hours of the restaurant carriage soon after boarding the train.

Bed Linen

Don’t get caught out. Whilst it is possible to buy your bed linen in person on the train, it is much cheaper and much less hassle to pre-book your linens with your train ticket. The amount of linens purchased will be displayed on your train ticket, which you can navigate using the train ticket guide.

Passenger information

This will include the passengers name and often the passport/ID number of the passenger that would have been logged when purchasing/reserving the ticket. It is very important that you check your passport number is correct.

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