Apply for your Kazakh visa with full expert support

Real Russia can help to obtain visas required by UK citizens and many foreign nationals wishing to visit the Republic of Kazakhstan. We offer three basic types of service depending on the purpose of your visit, how long you wish the visa to be valid for and how many times you expect to visit within the visa validity period.

What is a tourist visa?

A tourist visa is used to visit Kazakhstan for tourist or leisure purposes. They can be valid for a single visit of up to 30 days, two visits of up to 30 days each within a 60-day period or three visits of up to 30 days each within a 90-day period. A tourist visa may not be extended or changed once issued.

What is a business visa?

Business visas are usually issued to travellers visiting Kazakhstan for official or private business. Similarly to a tourist visa validity, they can be issued for a single visit of up to 30 days, two visits of up to 30 days each within a 60-day period or three visits of up to 30 days each within a 90-day period. However business visas can also be issued for multiple visits (usually during one year) allowing for up to 30 days stay upon each visit but no more than 60-day stay in any 180-day period. It is not possible to extend your business visa prior to your departure, but it may be an option to do so when you are in Kazakhstan.

What is a transit visa?

A transit visa is a specific type of visa for people travelling or transiting through Kazakhstan to a third country, for example when taking a train from Russia to Uzbekistan that passes through Kazakhstan. The transit visa is valid for five days from the date requested and the journey through Kazakhstan may last for a maximum of 72 hours within this validity period.

What is included in the price?

Our prices include all costs necessary to get your visa, among which are:

  • local taxes
  • consular tariffs
  • delivery, collection and management of your application at the consulate by our staff

In addition to this you can choose from the following optional services

  • central London courier delivery the day your visa is ready

  • Royal Mail Special Delivery of your passport and Belarus visa back to you (UK only)
  • £2,500 of consequential loss postal insurance (UK mainland only)

This means you do not have to:

  • Visit the consulate yourself.

There are no hidden fees; the price you see is the price you pay!

How can I pay for my visa?

You have several options to pay for your visa including:

Are there any specifications for the passport photo?

The Kazakh consulate requires that the photograph provided meets the following specifications

  • Photo should be taken against a light background so that features are distinguishable and contrast against the background.
  • Quality must be clear with the focus on the face.

  • Photo must be printed on regular photo paper.
  • Photo must

If your photo does not meet these requirements, your application may be rejected.

If you need a visa, then your child will usually need one as well. However, for children under 16 years of age at the time of travel there is no consular fee to be paid.

Everyone under the age of 18 has to provide additional documents with the application:

  • a copy of both parents’ passport information
  • a completed parental consent letter signed by both parents – if only one parent is travelling, then this letter serves as confirmation that there is agreement of both parents
  • a copy of the birth certificate – preferable the longer version containing both parents’ names

These documents do not need to be notarised, signed or assessed by a solicitor and you should not send originals unless we ask you to do so.

If the child cannot sign the application form themselves, then the parent or guardian should sign on their behalf and note their relationship under the signature, e.g. by writing ‘mother’.

In the event that you are the sole parent or guardian of the child and you are not able to provide the second parent’s passport copy and signature then you should provide:

  1. A copy of your divorce certificate or death certificate of the parent(s) or child's birth certificate noting ‘father unknown’ alongside with the child's birth certificate. Moreover, you need to  alter the parental consent letter to explain why the second parent or guardian is un able to give consent.

  2. If you have been awarded sole guardianship or custody of the child, or parental responsibility by a court of law, then please enclose a copy of this as well.

In the event that your child is travelling with a guardian who is not their parent, please provide a copy of the guardian’s passport information in addition to the documents mentioned above, and indicate in the parental consent letter that the child will be under the constant supervision of the guardian rather than the parent(s).

Can I deliver my passport and collect my visa from your office in person?

Yes, of course you can. We have an office in central London and we will be happy to see you there and assist with your application if needed. If you intend to deliver an application in person or collect your passport and visa we are open for collection and deliveries during the following times:

Passport Collection and Delivery times
Weekdays 09.00 GMT 17.00 GMT
Saturday Closed Closed
Bank / public holidays By arrangement

Visa applications received by our office after 4.30 pm on weekdays or at any time on Saturdays or non-working days will not start to be processed until the following working day.

How long does the visa take to process?

The processing time will vary dependent upon the type of visa you order. Please see the visa-specific pages for more information and consult our tooltip in order to find out when you can expect your visa to be ready.

Sounds good, how do I get my visa?

To order your Kazakh visa online, select the level of service you require from the options above.

Can you tell me more?

If you still have more questions please feel free to look at our Frequently Asked Questions or simply contact us directly and we are happy to help.