Russian Group Visas

While our prices are very competitive, as there are savings to be made when people book together, we are happy to pass this on and provide discounts for groups of four or more.

You don't need to book any hotels, transfers, flights or other travel services through us to receive these discounts, unless of course you choose to.

Coronavirus update: The Russian authorities have temporarily suspended all visa activities, following the closure of Russian borders to foreign travellers.

If your passport is with Real Russia, but you have not given your fingerprints to the application centre, we will be in touch.

You can still apply on our website for a visa for future dates, but please be aware that we will not be able to process your visa until the Russian authorities resume processing visas. During this time, please do not send any documents to us unless specifically asked, as we will be unable to process them. If you have any questions or concerns about an application, please contact our visa team at

What discounts are available?

Group size Standard Bronze Next Day
4 to 10 £2.50 £3.50 £5.00
11 to 20 £3.50 £5.00 £7.50
21 or more £5.00 £7.50 £10.00 

Please note:

  • the discount applies to the members of a group that book at the same time.
  • the discount rates quoted are for tourist visas only, please contact us for details of group business visa discounts.
  • it is assumed that all members of the group are UK nationals, please note that there are further discounts available for certain European passport holders.
  • Postage is not included and is charged at cost.

Sounds good, how do I get started?

Simply select the visa type, the visa service processing and expected number in your group from the options below for a "quick quote". As with all Real Russia services our prices are fully inclusive.