UK visas for Russian citizens with expert support

Our Russian office provides professional visa services to assist Russian nationals and their inviters in the process of obtaining a UK Visa.

To ensure that your visa application stands the best chance of success, our visa specialist will advise the applicant on the appropriate visa type, as well as co-ordinate the collation of supporting documents between the sponsor and the applicant.

If necessary, our visa specialist will translate the documents, assist in preparing the application pack in accordance to the British consulate’s guidelines, accompany the applicant to the Visa Application Centre, and arrange for the passport and visa to be delivered to the applicant once the visa has been issued.

You can read more about our services in both English and Russian:

Why Real Russia?

  • We have 10 years’ experience in assisting thousands of customers with their visa applications. For this reason, we are experts in creating visa applications that are built to succeed.
  • We are conversant with the requirements of the British Embassy and can assist you in satisfying those provisions.
  • We know how to avoid the pitfalls and technical errors that can lead to a visa refusal.
  • Our visa specialists will schedule all calls at a time to suit you and will contact you via your preferred communication method; whether it be by phone, email or skype, and will provide you with a record of your conversation for you to refer back to.
  • Our visa support services are designed to save you time and money
  • We can provide assistance to applicants who live in other regions of Russia by organizing travel arrangements (return tickets to Moscow by rail or air, accommodation, transfers, and any other travel services they may require)

Whether you are looking for general advice, seeking professional assistance with your visa application, or a business looking for guidance for its Russian partners (or employees) who are travelling to the UK, our highly trained visa specialists will point you in the right direction.

Real Russia specializes in the following visa types:

  • Standard Visitor Visas (general, family, business)
  • Short-term Study Visas
  • Marriage Visitor Visas
  • Spouse Visas
  • Fiancé Visas
  • Dependant Visas


We take all the visa troubles away for you to focus on making your dreams a reality!

Our visa consultants successfully passed trainings and tests provided by companies accredited with OISC.