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5 best Russian films to watch in 2020

5 best Russian films to watch in 2020

Real Russia`s top 5 must-see Russian films to watch during lockdown 2020

For many of us, binge-watching our favourite TV series is a new normal that we have all become well accustomed to over the last few months, and with that, many of our favourite TV shows have ended far earlier than planned. As we start to run out of our most popular series, it may be time to look beneath the most popular list, and for those interested in all things Russian, what better way to reignite your passion for Russia than to take advantage of some of the best Russian films our subscription services have to offer? Here are our top 5 recommended Russian movies to watch during the lockdown.


A spectacular biopic of one of Russian’s most prolific journalistic writers of the 20th century, Sergei Dovlatov. Under constant pressure from the Russian authorities who had already succeeded in silencing most of his literary comrades, Dovlatov continues to write free of taboos in a show of spectacular defiance. This compelling true story follows six days in the writer’s turbulent life. Released 26th October 2018, Dovlatov is available to watch on Netflix or for purchase on Amazon.

The Student

Directed by Kirill Serebrennikov, The Student follows the life of a young high school student in modern-day Russia that begins to challenge the views and beliefs of the adults around them. After seeing the world in a new light for the first time, the young student becomes convinced that evil is the only thing to exist in the world. Released 13th May 2016, The Student is currently available on Google Play Movies, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

Sin (Il Peccato)

A Russian take on the life of famous renaissance artist written and directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, Michelangelo Buonarotti, Sin (originally known as Il Peccato), charts the life of the famous artist from his golden era under Pope Julian II to his difficulties in maintaining loyalties to the Medici family and the new papacy following Julian’s death. This gripping tale reflects on the torment and ecstasy of greatness including the struggle to live up to his own moral and artistic failings.


Nominated for the best foreign-language film at the 90th academy awards, Loveless has gained international acclaim for its portrayal of the tensions between an estranged Russian couple going through a brutal divorce with a young child. Both looking to put their past behind them, they are forcibly brought back together following the disappearance of their 12-year old son. Released 9th February 2019, Loveless is currently available on Google Play Movies and Amazon Prime Video


Although not strictly a Russian directed film, Trans-Siberian takes one of Russia’s most emblematic journey’s and adds a sinister twist. Taking a train from Beijing to Moscow, married Christian missionaries Roy and Jessie befriend fellow passengers Carlos and Abby. When Roy fails to return after a stop, Jessie stays behind to wait for her missing companion despite warnings from her new friends that the town is ‘unsafe’. Released 18th July 2008, Trans-Siberian is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and on DVD.


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