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5 reasons why you should apply for your visa before you travel

5 reasons why you should apply for your visa before you travel

Applying for your visa before you travel is essential for a seamless and stress-free journey

Applying for your visa before you travel is essential for ensuring that your journey is simple and stress-free. As with any trip, problems can occur if you are not fully prepared, and with visas, there can be many issues that you could encounter along the way that could either delay the process or see your visa application denied.

We have hand-picked a few of the most important reasons why applying for your visa in advance can make a world of difference.

What is a visa?

A visa is an official document issued by a country's consulate or embassy that allows the user entry into that country.

Why do I need a visa?

Travellers looking to visit another country will likely require a visa to enter that country legally. The importance of applying for your visa before you travel.

1) It may not possible to get your visa from the border

First and foremost, it simply may not be possible for you to obtain your visa once you have arrived in the country you are planning to visit. While certain countries may allow you to obtain your visa at the border, many don’t unless under emergency circumstances.

2) Visa applications can be denied

One of the main reasons for obtaining your visa before travelling is that your visa application could be denied. If this happens and you leave it too close to the time you plan to travel, then you may not be able to receive your visa before you go. Visas can be denied for a variety of reasons including:

  • You have applied for the wrong type of visa – This is fairly common. All travellers are expected to include their reasons for visiting a country if this does not appear to match up to the type of visa the user has applied for then your entry may be denied. With this in mind, we would always recommend checking the specific details connected to a visa before you make your choice, as this is often unchangeable and may require you to make a new application if incorrect.
  • Mistakes on the application – This can include anything from name typos, your passport photo being too old, or incorrect passport numbers. While one mistake may not affect this, if you have consistent mistakes through your visa application then it increases the chance that your application will be denied for having incorrect details.
  • Your profession raises suspicion – Although less common, some professions including military and journalism may be held under scrutiny in certain countries. For example, if you have not made prior arrangements to visit a country for making a documentary then your access to the country may be denied without more information.

3) You may need to make changes to your visa application

Following on from the previous point, if you have made mistakes on your visa application, you may need to make a brand-new application if these are too severe. Not only does this cost you money in processing fees and delivery charges, but this will also cost you time. We would always advise leaving plenty of time to make a new visa application AND have this re-delivered in the case of changes.

4) Obtaining your visa in advance can affect the price

While this may not affect the actual cost of the visa application, having the option to use standard processing and delivery can cut costs. If you leave your visa application to the last minute you will require express delivery and more expensive processing options.

5) Reduces pre-travel stress

Perhaps the most important reason for applying for your visa before travelling is that it is far less stressful. With all the potential problems that could occur along the way, it makes sense to complete your visa application as soon as you can, you don’t want to run the risk of being turned away at the border.

There are many things you need to think about when planning your trip, don’t make your visa one of them!

Obtaining your visa with Real Russia

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