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Allegro and Tolstoi routes now on sale 90 days in advance

Allegro and Tolstoi routes now on sale 90 days in advance

We have recieved news from our Russian Railways partners that from 4th October the Tolstoi and Allegro routes, travelling between Helsinki and St Petersburg, will now be available for purchase 90 days in advance! This follows Russian Railways announcement in December 2017 that domestic trains would be available to book 90 days in advance, rather than the previous 60 days.

Marketing Manager Andrew Glenister said of his own 2014 experience taking the Helsinki to St Petersburg Allegro.

‘Travelling from Helsinki into St Petersburg was a joy. Boarding in Helsinki is easy, and the train is super comfortable, with Wi-Fi and plenty o fleg room! The best part is how easyit makes the border crossing. You don't have to move from your seat, as the Finnish border guards come to you on one side, and the Russian border guards on the other! There are some great views along the way too, particularly as you pull into St Petersburg and get your first view of one of the most architecturally stunning cities in the world.’