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A guide to the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Established in 2007 by GW Travel, Golden Eagle Luxury Trains are often considered the pinnacle in private Russian train travel. Moving beyond the average rail tour, Golden Eagle train tours create luxury experiences that provide a glimpse into Russia’s diverse culture journeying from the historic Muscovite capital of Moscow in the West into the depths of Siberia and through to Vladivostok on Russia’s far eastern shores.

This post will provide what you need to know about one of the world’s most luxurious train experiences, including the best times to go, costs and what to expect when travelling the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express.


Situated at the tip of China’s North Plain, Beijing is one of the oldest cities in the world with a history stretching back over three millennia. Today, Beijing is the defacto capital of the Democratic Republic of China and is one of the most influential cities on the global political stage.

Part three of our 6-part Eurasian city-break series will take you through a 48-hour journey of Beijing, exploring top tourist attractions and taking in the city’s spectacular history.

Travelling over 9200km from Moscow to Vladivostok in the far east of Russia, the Trans-Siberian Railway is one of the most inspiring and challenging train journeys in the world. Today, we will be hearing about one of our own customer’s experiences of the Trans-Siberian first-hand.

A Chinese visa is an official document issued by the Democratic Republic of China to enter the country legally. In this short post, we will provide all you need to know about how to apply for a Chinese visa in 2019 including the documents you need, the correct visa to apply for, how much this is likely to cost, and how the Real Russia application process works.

We have put together a guide of all you need to know about organising your Euro 2020 trip to St Petersburg including the best places to stay, what trains and transfers you need to book as well as updated information about St Petersburg visas.