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New Year in Russia

This year, to give you an insight into how the holiday season, particularly New Year, is celebrated in Russia, we thought we would ask our teams in Moscow and Volzhsky how they traditionally celebrate.


If you are travelling between Saint Petersburg and Moscow by train, you will pass through Leningradsky Station. We visited there recently to check it out, read on to find out what we thought.

Our Managing Director recently sat down with the Travel Trade Gazette to talk about Russia, and some of the things people need to know when choosing to travel there.

It is a popular (mis)conception that border guards the world over can be officious, cold and unfeeling. This is particularly true of Russia and other states who have, historically, been quite closed off to the rest of the world. No doubt this has left more than one traveller a little concerned when the time came to interact with these guards. I certainly felt this way; particularly as I always seem to be the passenger who is randomly searched/checked!

So, how was my experience?