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10 books about Russia that you simply must read

Russia has given us some of the most extraordinary writers of all time from Dostoevsky to Tolstoy. With so many books to choose from where do you start? From sci-fi thrillers to contemporary histories and timeless classics, we have compiled our list of top 10 recommended reads that will inspire you to learn more about a country that is close to our heart.


In 1885, Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia received what appeared to be a simple egg made of white enamel. Maria would later discover that this egg held a startling surprise that would usher in the era of one of the most sought-after, luxury jewellers in the world.

Travelling is always a personal experience, from the places you go to the people you meet along the way. Today, we will share part of Oliver's story, a Real Russia traveller who embarked on a Trans-Siberian trip from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Russia remains a unique place of wonder to travellers – vibrant and modern but with old traditions that are passed down the generations. With its national customs rooted in Orthodox religion and Paganism, many people still believe in folklore and superstition. Real Russia has put together a handy guide so you can remember these rituals while travelling in Russia.