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Seasonal Guide to Ulan-Bator: Spring

Spring still offers some incredible festivals as the weather starts to warm up, and in the east of Mongolia you can witness Gazelle migrations which are an amazing sight.


Spring reaches St Petersburg towards the end of March and is generally seen as one of the best times of year for sightseeing and culture. Although it is still quite chilly, the sun is out and it's not as busy as it will get in summer during tourist season. The city starts to come alive as the winter melts away and St Petersburg has a feeling of celebration

The Naadam festival, also known as Eriyan Guryan Nadaam, means ‘the three games of men’ and is celebrated annually in July. It celebrates Mongolian heritage and culture and is a fantastic spectacle for natives and visitors alike.

Despite the colder weather, Moscow still comes to life in spring as the fountains are turned on, trees begin to bloom and there are many celebrations to enjoy.

Spring is known as a short and cool season, only really lasting between March and May. With frequent ups and downs of temperature you'll need to make sure you're prepared when you pack. Spring is a popular season for flower lovers as the parks are filled with blossoming cherry and peach trees, blooming tulips as well as apricot flowwers and yulan magnolia to name a few.