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Seasonal Guide to Ulan-Bator: Summer

Want to visit Ulan-Bator but not sure when's the best time to make the journey? Well it all depends what you want to do while you're there! Real Russia is here to help with our seasonal guide to Ulan-Bator so you can make the most of your time whenever you go.


Autumn begins around mid-Septemmber and while temperatures do start to drop, it's also the start of Moscow's cultural season.

St Petersburg's famous White Nights, which lasts from the end of May until Mid-July, are a truly legendary experience. Because of St Petersburg's northern location, the sun does not fully set and the city never truly reaches night. This constant brightness creates a vibrant feeling in St Petersburg and the streets are alive with people constantly. This is when the city nightlife is at its most active and there are also a number of festivals and events.

Real Russia Tour Operations Supervisor Igor Skorodumov tells us of his adventures along the Volga River.

Mongolia captures the imagination of all who visit it. It's a land of rich culture and fascinating history nestled in breathaking natural views. Find out more about ‘The Land of the Eternal Blue Sky’, that you might not have known before.

Summer months in Beijing are long and hot, it's also peak traveller season so the city is at its busiest! Take leisurely boat rides to cool down or ride rickshaws around the neighbourhood.

Moscow is a whole new city in the summer, from the beginning of June onwards the temperatures rise into the low thirties.

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