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The Kazakhstan Adventure, Day Seven: Aktau, the Sea and Back to the Start

Day seven took in a tour of Aktau, its primary museum and the Caspian Sea.


Day six took us more than 450km around Mangystau, from depression low, to mountain high.

To name a traditional Russian dish, olivier salad would probably be at the top of many people’s list. As the clock strikes midnight, this salad would most likely be on almost every Russian Dinner table. The ingredients are quite common and the dish is easy to make, which was my only motivation for selecting this recipe, especially considering that this was my first attempt at cooking Russian food.

I think that Russia is one of, if not the most interesting place I’ve never visited, at least not yet. With that said, I’ve never had the chance to taste traditional Russian cuisine, so that is why I thought it would be a brilliant idea to bring Russia to me by attempting to prepare some of these meals myself.

Day five took me west, to the Mangystau region of Kazakhstan, along the coast of the Caspian Sea.