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Booking your hotel in Russia with Real Russia

Booking your hotel in Russia with Real Russia

Our guide to booking your hotel in Russia from the best times to book to why you should book with us

With so many hotels to choose from it can be difficult choosing the right hotel for your needs. What is the parking like? Do they allow pets? Are there city taxes to consider? These are just some of the many questions to consider. While some travellers enjoy browsing the many hotel comparison websites on the market in order to get the best last-minute deals, for others it is easier and often less hassle to book the hotels, visas and travel arrangements all in one place.

This post will provide all the information you need to know about booking your hotel in Russia and why booking with us is best.

What you need to know about booking a hotel in Russia

Booking a hotel in Russia is usually like booking a hotel anywhere, however, there are a few things to consider:

You do not need to have a hotel booked in advance to get a visa

Unlike China, you will not need to have your accommodation sorted in advance in order to get a visa unless you are classed as a ‘high-risk migration nationality’*. If you are classed as a ‘high-risk migration nationality’ you will have to book a hotel for the whole duration of your stay in Russia in order to be issued a Russian visa support document (Letter of Invitation).

*High risk national include most of the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia (excluding China and India)

Christmas holidays fall differently in Russia

While the Christmas period usually extends from around 25th December to 1st January in the UK and most of Europe, Russia works on the Orthodox Julian calendar for religious celebration days which span from around 1st to 7th January. So, when booking a hotel around Christmas bear in mind that work traffic will likely still be around on Christmas week and that many services in Russia will be closed or reduced between 1st and 7th January.

Best time to book a hotel in Moscow or St Petersburg

Christmas (both Western and Orthodox), New Year and public holidays are usually busier and therefore usually more expensive.

In Moscow, trade fairs and exhibitions run throughout the year which may cause hotels to charge higher room rates at their discretion dependent upon local conditions and available for rooms.

In St. Petersburg, you can expect to pay higher room rates during the peak tourist season from May to August.

Why book with us?

  • We offer a comprehensive travel service from start to finish from visas and train tickets to tours and transfers while in Russia.
  • We can check that the hotels you book are in line with your visa validity dates so there will be no hidden surprises.
  • We have over 15 years’ experience arranging trips to Russia and have expert teams in both the UK and Russia that can guide you through the hotel booking process and recommend hotels based on your needs.
  • Most of all, we always aim to be price competitive!

Book three nights in a hotel with us and get your Russian visa support free of charge

We are always looking to offer our customers the best deals on hotels in Russia, so if you book 3 nights or more in Russia, we will issue you with a Russian visa support (Letter of Invitation) free of charge.

To learn more about the visa support, please see the Russian visa support section on our website.

To browse a full list of the hotels we have available and complete your booking, please see our accommodation page.

If you have further questions about the visa support or booking your hotel with us, please contact our team directly and we will be happy to assist.