How much do you know about the Trans-Siberian?

Real Russia Blog 18 February 2019 How much do you know about the Trans-Siberian? We like to think of ourselves as the Trans-Siberian experts – we’ve taken the Trans-Siberian and every year we help thousands of others take it too but… Well, with countries as fascinating as Russia, China and Mongolia there’s always more to […]
It has been announced that, during February, the following visa application centres and consulates will be closed on some days due to national holidays:

From January 23rd 2013 Russian Railways (RZD) has announced the closure of bookings for the Lev Tolstoi train, an overnight train from Moscow to Helsinki.

From January 2013 Russian Railways (RZD) will replace the international tariff for selected trains on the Trans-Siberian route with the domestic tariff.

Train #9 / #10, the famous “Baikal Express”, which currently makes the 5,465 km journey between St Petersburg located on Russia’s Baltic coast and Irkutsk located deep in Siberia on odd numbered days is to change its schedule and route from the end of May 2013.