Real Tales: Lotte Eschbach from Phenomenal Globe

Real Russia Blog 10 June 2019 Real Tales: Lotte Eschbach from Phenomenal Globe How does having children change the life of a travel writer? Lotte Eschbach is the force behind Phenomenal Globe, a Netherlands based travel blog about combining full-time work and a family with the travel bug. Lotte has travelled to over 40 countries […]
Real Russia Blog 14 March 2019 Interview with travel writer Jamie Tinklepaugh Read from the writer of Wheeling East: London to Hong Kong by wheelchair and train about taking the Trans-Siberian as a wheelchair user Travel writer Jamie Tinkepaugh, and his father Peter Davies, decided to take the Trans-Siberian as countless travellers have before them. […]

Read about Real Russia customer Paul’s experience using Real Russia, and spending a month adventuring across China, Mongolia and Russia!

Our intrepid couple leave Moscow for a rail trip through Siberia, heading east towards the beautiful Lake Baikal and the ‘Paris of the East’, Irkutsk.