Real Russia nominated at the 2020 World Travel Awards

For more than a decade Real Russia have worked to bring Russia to the world, and the world to Russia. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that we have been nominated as both Russia’s Leading Travel Agent and Leading Online Travel Agency at the World Travel Awards.


Today, many Russian people have enjoyed celebrating ‘Russia day’ (or День России). It's a public holiday that marks a declaration of independence for Russians.

The Bolshoi Theatre has long been regarded as the pinnacle of Russia’s artistic prowess and is known throughout the world as one of the best places to see ballet and opera. Today, we will uncover the history of this magnificent theatre from its early days under royal patronage, to decline, and eventual recovery, as well as look at some of the best ballet stars to ever step foot on the stage.

The heart of the Russian Federation, Moscow is the capital and largest city in Russia with over 12 million inhabitants – over double the size of St Petersburg and almost a third larger than the total population of New York. This huge cosmopolitan city is a testament to the spirit of its people, enduring brutal civil wars, schisms and invasion from some of the largest empires in the world from the Mongols to armies of Napoleon.

The final part of our 6-part city-break series will take you through a 48-hour journey of the Russian Capital, Moscow. Exploring top attractions such as the Kremlin and Red Square and taking in the city’s spectacular cultural heritage.

As we start to run out of our most popular series, it may be time to look beneath the most popular list, and for those interested in all things Russian, what better way to reignite your passion for Russia than to take advantage of some of the best Russian films our subscription services have to offer?

Here are our top 5 recommended Russian movies to watch during the lockdown.