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Easyjet flights to Russia - soon to include Manchester to St Petersburg

Easyjet flights to Russia – soon to include Manchester to St Petersburg

Customers living in the north of England will soon have easier access to Russia, as Easyjet recently gained approval to operate a service between Manchester and St Petersburg.

There are hopes the service could start as early as summer 2013, although a spokes person for Easyjet commented there are no current plans for when the flights will commence; “We have started this process to enable us to fly there at some point, but this is a longer-term ambition.” This announcement follows the opening of the March 2013 routes from Manchester and London to Moscow, and will be welcomed by a large number of people. Easyjet have estimated that the existing service from Manchester to Moscow will carry over 60,000 customers within the first year alone, and so it is hoped the St Petersburg link will be just as popular.

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