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Extended National Holidays Beginning Dec 2012

Extended National Holidays Beginning Dec 2012

Public holidays across Russia will be altered in 2013 after new decree.

Last week Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree applying changes to the country’s public holidays in 2013, shifting New Year’s to 10 days, ‘Spring and Labour Day’ to five days, and Victory Day to four days.

These changes come in to action beginning with the New Year holidays on December 30th 2012 running through January 8th 2013, which is three days less than normal. The days taken from the New Year’s holiday have been allocated to ‘Spring and Labour Day’ (May 1st- May 5th, Wednesday through Sunday) and Victory Day (May 9th- May 12th, Thursday through Sunday).

These alterations are expected to be well received by the Russian people, who responded to a survey conducted in 2010 by saying that they would prefer longer spring holidays.