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Four New Train Stations Planned for Moscow

Four New Train Stations Planned for Moscow

Russia's capital could be on track to receive four new train stations, providing better links within the city and further. Following an announcement from Russian Railways, plans have been submitted to the city authorities for two new stations providing high-speed rail links; connecting Moscow with St Petersburg in the North West, Yekaterinburg in the east and Adler in the south. According to Russia’s major newspaper, Izvestia, the other two stations are destined for a province of Moscow that was added to the city in 2011.

With new modern facilities, the project is reported to need an investment of around $2.7 billion (85 billion Rubles), but will improve journey times making the trip to St Petersburg twice as fast as the current Sapsan trains. The link between Moscow and Adler will also make travel to Sochi, the location of the 2014 Winter Olympics, more accessible.

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