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Go Help Charity Rally

Go Help Charity Rally


Text added August 2014

In celebration of us winning, ‘Russia's Leading Travel Agency’ at the World Travel Awards 2014 for the second consecutive year, we will be extending our support to Go Help further by making a donation! Thank you for the support from our customers and partners, without their help this award would simply not be possible.


Original March blog for Go Help – re Chariy Rallies Launch (July 2014)

Real Russia is pleased once again to announce our involvement with the Go Help Charity Rally.

Go Help is a UK based charity where volunteers work with local communities in Central Asia and America in improving access to education and healthcare services.

Plans are well under way, as many voluntary teams are spreading awareness and support for their excellent cause. The teams aim to launch and operate ambulance services in third world countries and it is a cause that Real Russia feel is particularly worthy of support!

Under the ‘Charity Rallies’ name, ‘Go Help’ runs three rallies:

  • 'Mongolia Charity Rally’ – from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
  • 'Roof of the World Charity Rally’ – from London to Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
  • 'MesoAmerica Charity Rally’ – from San Diego to Siguatepeque, Honduras.

As Real Russia has assisted Go Help Charity Rallies over the last 3 years, our visa specialists are experienced and understand the timeline for the rallies and the border requirements specific to each route. We can provide support and preparations for visas for the Mongolian Charity Rally and the Roof of the World Charity Rally routes.

If you are a volunteer participating on one of these two routes and would like to arrange your visas, feel free to speak to one of our visa specialists, via email at:

Or by phone at, 0207 100 7370 (Ext 350) – The extension number 350 has been set up on the Real Russia phone line, specifically to help Charity Rally participants arranging their visas.

Please keep in mind that for the Mongolia Charity Rally (Southern Route) to allow enough time for the visa applications for all sections of the route, we have set a deadline of the 4th April 2014.

If you are interested to know more about the ambulance charity events ran by Go Help, see their website at:

Good luck to all teams raising support; hopefully we can help lighten the pressure of arranging the visas!

Keep in touch with us and share your progress with us on facebook, or twitter too – It'll be great to hear how you're trip has gone enroute!