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How does Real Russia ensure every customer has the best experience possible?

How does Real Russia ensure every customer has the best experience possible?

By continuously investing in our team!

2018 has been a big year for Russia with the success of the 2018 FIFA World Cup introducing many parts of this beautiful country to tourists who may not have visited Russia otherwise, or known about its diverse cultures and landscapes.

We've been busy as well, being nominated for the sixth year in a row for the World Travel Awards and being awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence once again. We don't rest on our laurels though and our travel team in Volgograd recently spent three days with a communications specialist from EliteTraining to refresh their current skills and learn a few new ones.

Alla Menshikova, travel team supervisor, said of the experience

‘The training was absolutely amazing and so refreshing! Of course, many things were not new for us, but it's so good to see someone else's presentation of such things. That helps to percieve and learn everything in a different way.’

What did the rest of the team think?


‘Thank you for the training and I found it useful!’


‘I would wish to say that the training Mr Jone sperformed was exactly what our team needed. After 3-days course, I have literally felt the excitement in the air – all of the team just wanted to put the knowledge and passion into practice! Sometimes we all need someone, who will say that you are doing a great job, you sell the best product and you are the specialists!

I have got the answer to probably my main question – how to transform my language barrier in front of a native speaker into a benefit to the client. Now I feel much more confidence and even proud of being a Russian who sells Russia.’


‘The training was really nice, I have to say… All participants left satisfied, to my mind. Undoubtedly it was useful and stimulating.’


‘I'd like to thank everybody for this training, it was a really nice experience. Course content and the way it was delivered was fresh and helped my interest. Everything I've learnt I will be able to take with me and I will do my best to practice and I'm sure, soon, it becomes a routine.’


‘I would like to thank Mr Jones and all the members of our team for this training, it was great!’


‘Both theoretical and practical parts were very useful. The great thing about this training is that it really inspired people and helped to look at what we are doing from another viewpoint.’


‘It was a great experience, far superior and more progressive to what we've had in the past. The material was presented by Mr Jones in a very skilled and talented manner, so despite the all-day sessions I didn't feel bored a single time. It was extremely interesting to listen and participate and whatever is interesting prints in your memory for a long time. Great job!’

With our travel team more inspired than ever, an updated rail booking system in preparation and new to urs on the way, it's never been a more exciting time to travel with Real Russia.