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Mariinsky reveals new theatre

Mariinsky reveals new theatre

One of Russia’s most iconic and recognised theatres, the Mariinsky, unveils its recent architectural additions to the site, creating a new complex that will be unparalleled throughout Russia.

The recent grand opening of the new theatre (Mariinsky II) revealed the 851,575 square foot design, west of the original 1860 theatre and 2006 concert hall. Three day’s of festivities commenced to celebrate, featuring a selection of renowned musicians, ballet dancers and opera singers from across Russia; with the first lucky audience made up of WWII veterans, members of the existing theatre-staff and the elite of St Petersburg’s art scene.

The Artistic and General Director of the theatre, Valery Gergiev, also celebrated his 60th birthday on the day of the opening; with the theatre staff and fellow theatre directors from all over the world sending birthday congratulations.

Dividing opinion due to the cost and design, some felt the modern design didn’t blend well with the original and historic 19th century building. Gergiev, however, urged critics to reserve their judgement unit they entered and experienced the amazing acoustics. Pleased with the results, Gergiev feels that Russia now has “one of the best modern opera theatres in the world”.

President Putin paid tribute to Gergiev praising his “boundless energy”. Happy with the new structure Putin also remarked that it keeps in touch with tradition while giving new life. In his opinion there is “everything you need for a theatre”.

With world renowned composers, ballets and theatres you have a wealth of choice; a trip to the theatre is a must when in Russia. A popular activity for tourists and locals, tickets have a tendency to sell out fast so we advised you book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Whatever show might grab your attention, in Moscow, St Petersburg or elsewhere, contact a member of our travel team who will be happy to assist in booking your tickets; or simply answering any other questions you may have regarding a trip to Russia.