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Meet the team: Inna Pluzhnyk

Meet the team: Inna Pluzhnyk

A Visa Administrator in our London office!

Introducing our team

Today we will continue to introduce you to the Real Russia team, our main asset and pride. Meet our team and find out more about their interests, favorite destinations and their work.

Today we spoke to Inna Pluzhnyk, Visa Administrator in the Real Russia team in London.

Inna Pluzhnyk, Real Russia Visa Specialist

Are you passionate about travel?

I like travelling very much and love to experience traditions in different countries. I have been to the Dominican Republic, Spain, France, Egypt, Turkey and many more Eastern European countries, but not to Russia yet. I speak four languages – English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish – and so enjoy travelling to learn new ones.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy swimming, reading books & travelling.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I like that every day I communicate with interesting people who are going on their journey. I learn a lot of new things from them, and discover interesting places for myself. I am also very grateful that I have such a nice visa team, I know that they will always come to the rescue, support me and give professional advice. So, I'm happy to be part of this team and grow with them.

Visa tips

Next, we asked Inna to answer the burning questions related to visas.

What is the optimal time to apply for a visa to Russia?

The optimal time is two to three months before you travel. There are two types of service available at the moment: express and standard. Express service takes two working days, standard service takes six working days. Same day service is not available anymore.

Why do people use Real Russia services to apply for a visa, rather than do it themselves?

The majority of our customers decide to apply with us because it saves time and they can rely on our vast knowledge, making the experience stress free. We have a lot of returning clients who recommend us to their relatives and friends.

What is the hardest thing about filling in a visa application form?

For sure, everyone can answer all the questions.
Sometimes, though, there are some weird questions. For example, on the Russian application form you should provide the details of your overall income and names of any social networks you use, sometimes this shocks people.

What is the most difficult part in applying for Russian visa?

The most difficult thing about applying for a Russian visa is gathering the required documents and making sure they are acceptable to meet the Consulate's rules. Here at Real Russia, after years of experience of checking applications, we are renowned for our expertise in ensuring applications are not returned for being incomplete.

Can the visa clients be the nationals of foreign countries?

Our clients can be nationals of foreign countries, but they must be UK residents and be able to prove they have been for at least 3 months or 6 months, depending on the visa they’re applying for. However, we provide help with obtaining visa support documents for nationals of most countries.

Are Mongolian and Chinese visas easy to apply for and get?

The process of applying for a Mongolian or Chinese visa is quite simple – provide all that is necessary and there shouldn't be an issue. Of course, each Embassy looks at applications individually, and inevitably it is up to them, whether to issue a visa or not, even if you supply all requirements.


We thank Inna for answering our question and look forward to introducing you to another member of our team next month.

If you would like to know more about obtaining a visa, visit our Visa FAQ page or get in touch with our specialists.