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One year to go

One year to go

Last week marked a year to go until the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics take place. Russia is promising an unforgettable Olympics – starting off with a perfect destination. Situated on the Black Sea, Sochi isn’t only the pearl of the Russian Riviera; but is also at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, meaning only a short drive to get to the slopes.

Then, in addition to a large amount of infrastructure being built – which is 70% complete, the city is also building 11 sports venues to host the games.

The organisers of these Olympics have also done their best to get the entire country involved – by organising one of the longest torch relays, over 65,000km in 123 days, through 83 regions and 2900 cities and towns; so that 90% of Russia’s population will have a chance to witness the event. The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics torch was unveiled earlier this year and resembles a firebird.

Real Russia is looking forward to the many opportunities and excitement these games will bring and hopes to help many athletes and travellers as they look to be part in this once in a lifetime event.