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Plan your Trans-Siberian tour with Real Russia

Plan your Trans-Siberian tour with Real Russia

Explore, Discover and experience Real Russia’s range of personalised Trans-Siberian tours

Ever wanted to travel the Trans-Siberian, but been unsure of how or where to start? There is certainly plenty to think about from the trains and hotels you need to book to what you should do when you have a bit of time and reach your city of choice. Our tours have been designed for those of you thinking ‘where do I begin?’ Created by travel-lovers for travellers from all walks of life, whether solo backpacker, couple or group.

Everyone is different when it comes to holidays, and we understand that this means you may want more or less help along the way. With this, we have categorised out tours based on the level of involvement you want from us with our Explore, Discover and Experience packages.

What do the different tour packages mean?


Our Explore tour packages allow travellers total control over their own tour and is perfect for backpackers who like to go it alone or visit places away from the usual tourist hotspots. We will arrange transfers to and from the train station and arrange 2* to 3* accommodation for you. We will also be there to advise you on the best places to eat, stay and visit on your journey.


Our Discover tour packages are designed for tourists who want a balance between self-directed exploration and those that need some help choosing the best places to visit. These tours include 3* or 4*accommodation, transfers to and from the train station and a selection of half-day excursions.


Our Experience tour packages provide tourists with a complete personal service tailored to you, with the option of having as little to arrange as possible. Aside from arranging 4* accommodation, transfers to and from the train station, and any trains you need, we will curtate an itinerary of places to eat and visit for you based on the things you like. Allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your trip!

The benefits of booking a tour package with Real Russia

  1. A complete personal experience – You will have a guide with you 1 to 1 and will not be part of any other group. You are free to customise your tour to suit you!
  2. Itineraries are chosen based on past customer experiences – We want to make sure that our tours are the best, that’s why we only include tours that have tried, tested and enjoyed by past customers of Real Russia.
  3. Years of experience – We have a significant amount of experience booking and arranging trips through Russia and beyond, so we can offer guidance and recommendations from experience every step of the way.
  4. Expertise of staff – hand in hand with our years of experience, we have built a solid team of staff with expertise on a range of travel areas from visas and trains to hotels and excursions. Any problems you encounter on your trip can be dealt with efficiently with minimal stress.
  5. All our tours include accommodation and transfers – We will arrange accommodation and transportation for you, so you don’t have to!

Book your Trans-Siberian tours with Real Russia!

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With over 15 years’ experience in Russian and Trans-Siberian travel, we are confident that we can offer a tour to suit your needs and budget. All our tours have been tried and tested to ensure that they maintain the quality and level of enjoyment we expect.

Visit our Trans-Siberian tours page to learn more or book a tour with us today!.