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Russia announces smoking ban

Russia announces smoking ban

Russia is the second largest tobacco market in the world yet an anti-smoking bill was signed by President Putin in February, phasing out smoking in public.

Under this bill, smoking will be banned in workplaces, in entrances to apartment blocks, in children’s playgrounds and on beaches; and will be banned within 15m of entrances to stations, airports, metro stations, and ports as of the 1st June.

A year later, in 2014, smoking will be banned in hotels, bars, cafes, shops and markets; on suburban railway platforms; and on long distance trains and ships.

Additionally, a minimum retail price will be enforced for tobacco and its sale and advertising will be restricted.

Even though a reported 40% of the Russian population smoke – 70% of men and 25% women – a poll recently released indicated that 80% of the population support the ban; which is an increase on the approximate 30% support given by the population last year.