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Russia Day 12th June 2020

Russia Day 12th June 2020

One of the most important public holidays in Russia, Russia Day marks a declaration of independence for Russians.

Today marks a very special day in the Russian calendar, ‘Russia day’ (or День России). This public holiday commemorates a declaration of independence for Russians. Traditionally Russia Day celebrates part of the democratic movement for Russia, including the creation of a new position ‘President of the Russian Federation’ and a new Russian constitution, although not all Russian citizens celebrate this national holiday with the same political significance today. Despite this, many Russians still choose to celebrate out of national pride and it is a welcome opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. Throughout Russia, cities erupt with concerts and festivals, including in the Heart of Moscow and St Petersburg and stages are set up outside major tourist attractions including St Basil’s Cathedral. Many travellers enjoy visiting Russia during this time as the festivals give an insight to the warm-hearted nature of Russian people and it’s an ideal opportunity to experience Russian culture and festivities! Although celebrations for Russia Day 2020 will be less public, the sentiment behind it has never been more unified. We wish you all the best for Russia day 2020 and look forward to a return of the usual festivities in 2021!