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Russia Day/Russia`s Independence Day

Russia Day/Russia`s Independence Day

Commemorating their declaration of independence in 1990, Russia have a national holiday on June 12th – known as Russia Day (День России – pronounced ‘Dyen Rossii’) or Russia’s Independence Day (День независимости России – pronounced ‘Dyen Nizavisimasti Rossii’).

Since independence, Russia has embraced a reformed political outlook; creating the post of the President of the Russian Federation and implementing the Russian Constitution. A new national anthem, flag and emblem of the Russian Federation was also introduced giving a new look and voice to the country. The most obvious change however was adopting a new name; the Russian Federation (Russia) (previously known as the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic).

Remembered as a national holiday since 1994, some Russian citizens still do not celebrate the day as many feel that gaining independence was a negative event; accelerating the demise of the Soviet Union and resulting in the unemployment and poverty of many Russian citizens.

However, it is an important occasion for most citizens to display national pride, celebrating social and economic achievements and recognising famous Russian figures. Also considered to be a holiday of liberty and peace, there are state award ceremonies, hosted by the President, who presents awards to Russian humanitarian workers, scientists and writers.

People like to celebrate with festive events like concerts, firework shows and social gatherings making the most of the holiday. A lot of schools and work places are also closed, with some public transport schedules also being affected in cities and towns; so be aware that your travel may be affected if you are visiting during this time.

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