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Russian Railways reveal plans for new second-class carriages to RIA news.

Russian Railways reveal plans for new second-class carriages to RIA news.

In the continued effort to modernise the railways new plans for second-class carriages have been released!

Russian Railways CEO Oleg Belozerov has revealed a more modern concept for new second-class carriages with modular spaces, seating with curtains and vending machines.

Belozerov has said the creation of new second-class carriages has been designed with personal comfort zones as part of the discussion.

The interiors will be made up of bright colours, with grey bunks and red headrests to match company colours and tables and partitions in a light wood to keep an airy feel.

Every seat will be equipped with a power outlet and a USB-connector as well as thick curtains, similiar to vertical blinds, which will be able to be closed at any time for complete privacy.

Photo credit: RIA news

Most excitingly of all, for many long-time rail travellers, will be the modernised bathroom facilities with showers, changing tables and hand dryers.

Renovation is thought to begin in the next year although it is unclear how many trains we can expect to see these new designs on.

Russian Railways has said ‘They will become an alternative to the old second-class carriages out of service. Renovation directions are chosen in accordance with the wishes of passengers and such trends as: personal space and privacy for rest, barrier-free, high technical equipment.’

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